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Webspinner traits question

Hello all. I had a run-in with a Webspinner recently which killed me in one skull hit from full health and it got me to examine this troop more closely. I know I was not webbed at the time, but unsure if I was poisoned or not. It was very early in the battle so I don’t think so.

2 of Webspinner’s traits are Snare and Lethal Toxin. In its second trait slot, Snare webs the enemy with a skull hit. The third slot, Lethal Toxin, does 3x skull damage to poisoned and webbed opponents. The first time Webspinner hits an unwebbed and not poisoned opponent with skulls, it is an automatic 3x damage? I’m thinking, since Snare is in the second slot, the enemy would be webbed first. Then the third slot trait would kick in and do triple damage. Is that how the mechanic works? That would make Webspinner very powerful indeed.

Or do those two traits not work in combo at the same time, i.e. first time skull hit only webs and only second skull hit would apply the triple damage, assuming the web is still active?

Thank you.

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Applies the web and hits 3x damage.
Traits trigger top to bottom and can be applied at the same time.
Woking as intended.
Only way to avoid it is using a Impact talent from a rock class + barrier or put an impervious/ web immune troop in top slot.


What @alv-thanos said. You could also use a troop or weapon that can knock Webspinner to the back of the enemy team, or put a different enemy troop up front. Dust Devil, Gorgon & Rope Dart are three such examples, but there are others.

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