Webspinner: bugged or working as designed? (not a bug)

Webspinner: bugged or working as designed?

It’s been like this for at least two patches, so if it is working as designed it does need a nerf. It shouldn’t skull hit for more damage than almost anything else.

Platform, device version and operating system
Xbox Elite

Screenshot or image
No, but easy to reproduce.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expected skull damage to be calculated before inflict web was applied.

Because of trait “inflict web when doing skull damage” combined with “deal triple skull damage to … webbed enemies” webspinner always does triple skull damage to any troop not immune to web.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens every time webspinner is used, started happening at least 2 patches ago.

Steps to make it happen again
Have webspinner unstunned and inflict skull damage on any troop not immune to web.

Hey, please fill out a bug report template so we can help you properly.

In fairness, it only hits that hard on troops that can be poisoned.

Edit: yeah, webbed

Sorry, I thought it was well known by you guys.

Webspinner poison ( i meant web) triggers first, so anything not immune to poison (I meant web) takes triple skull damage on every hit.

Every troop that does a status effect and multiplies it’s damage at the same time works like that.

Who else besides web spinner does that? But it would be all of them.

That little red-panda archer i-don’t-care-to-check-the-name-now does the same as in high damage.
I mentioned it when the devs made that change, but people simply ignored it. Webspinner deals the highest skull damage to non-immune troops.


Ah yeah, I see that twerp in GW sometimes lol.

It gets people by surprise very often. The devs could surely check their stats and rebalance their attack gain per level in order to put things under some control, if anything they could buff the magic gain or any other stats to make things fair while reworking them.

Also reworking Wild Plains for my anniversary would be great. Just saying… :skull:

Well now the element of surprise is ruined so no rework is coming. Instead we’ll get another sigil event.

Please keep this on topic. This a bug report, not a place to suggest balances or reworks to other parts of the game.

I have checked and this is working as intended. The third Trait, when combined with the second, is powerful - it is meant to be considering it is a Legendary Trait and this is a legendary Troop. This helps to make the Troop more viable. If you would like to discuss the this, please do so in the features section - as this is not a bug I will close the report :slight_smile:

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