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How do you play maps

Hi everyone i made a video of 1 map cause i was curious how long it take me to complete it the way im playing them and also i wanted to show you don’t need to be the best at treasure hunt to get nice rewards

im not saying this is the best way to play them, it’s just the way im am playing them really quick and hoping to get the more glory i can.

So here it is…

In this map i got really lucky, i usualy get 10-15 glory per maps

And you how do you play them?

Quick? or really slow in the hope to get more stones?


Personally i don’t make red chests, unless by accident, because green chests have a fairly good output of glory and maybe some gems. Also glory keys from red chests are not better than 20 of glory that can be gathered and used to buy packs with troops.
Brown chests have a chance for glory too so i don’t “waste” these combining five or more for an extra turn, i try to get extra turns, or not losing a turn combining four of a kind, earlier using the coins mostly.

From your video i would say that you are doing great.