How do you level up the stats on the vault treasure

I fought a PvP team of 4 mythic coin purses with all their traits and they like 50 health 45 armour and 32 attack, their team score was 12,500. I tried leveling up my coin purse to level 15 and it has 1 armor 3 health. How do I jump up to that level?

So level 16 to 20 just dumps all those stats on you?

That person also probably has a lot more kingdom levels, faction renown, and guild tasks done.

If your guild completes all tasks each week, you get bonus stats to all troops. Faction renown, kingdom levels, and kingdom power can all do the same.

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If I could get half of those numbers off level 15 would be great but 1 armour 3 health? Oof

This is my bonus, i am lvl 1212 and not really good of a player.
Anything below the first row (Base stats) is the bonus from Kingdom, Guild, Underworld

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Sniped lol
But since I already went to the trouble.

Maybe turn this thread into a feature request to make this font more reading friendly. :grinning:
(Close-ish to max stats, I could be missing some renown bonus, all Kingdoms max starred though.)
Or if this helps more.

So like others said, it’s basically troop stats + player stats.

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That was very helpful! Thanks! Thats exactly what I was looking for


You can level it up and even give it traits, but it’s a waste of resources unless you’ve got nothing better to do with them!

End goal seemed to be a good afk gold farm