How do I participate in events?

Do I have to use the events troop in my attacking or defending troop list to “participate” in a certain event?

I am sure that I have received a mail with event rewards at one time but never used that particular troop in said event since I only use troops which have been upgraded.

Thanx in advance for your help.

generally the events have been tied to a specific troop. to get those rewards, the troop has to be in your invading team. Usually it is just from pvp and not challeneges or quests.

the redeem codes from tacets videos, you go to shop and then redeem code (its at the top of the shop)


Aah I see, thanx for helping.


So, all I have to do is put the events troop in my invading team and reach level 1 for the rewards?

And one more question:

Is the rewards worth the possible extra effort and time?

Thanx in advance.

Yes, for the duration of the event. Once the event ends, you will no longer receive rewards, of course.

That depends on your level and relative power. So far, the events have benefited primarily lower-level players. Higher-level players tend to find more reliable success in PvP, and PvP rewards typically dwarf the bumps these events provide. Events have existed for Ultra-Rare event troops only, and (whether by luck or by design) the URs released for these events have not had much synergy with the existing troop list. (Runesmith, especially, is more or less worthless in a high-end deck.) However, they provide a change of pace, and many players appreciate an opportunity to flex their deck-building muscle when an event shows up.


Thanx again Lyya