Guild War troop rewards, how to get them?

I have a question from friends over on the console platform, where they’re starting their first Guild War tomorrow.

What are the actual requirements in order to get any of the special, GW-only troop cards (like Penguin)?

I know the Guild itself has to be registered in that week’s War.

But for someone to get at least the x2000 gold, x10 gems, x3 troop reward-- assuming no one else in that Guild participates:

Does he/she have to FIGHT at least one battle in the GW? or is it sufficient to simply be a Guild member registered there?
Does the person have to WIN that battle that s/he fights?

…And here is where it gets confusing…

I know that if someone guild hops, they won’t get GW stuff that week from their new guild. But does the person still have to be an actual member of the same guild --where they did their “one” battle, or idk perhaps no battle at all– in order to get their GW reward in the Mail?

Sorry, I haven’t been able to answer these details. Thanks for clearing it up if you can! :blush:

Mind you I’m not sayin’ that people ought to do minimal battles for minimal reward, of course!

The more battles that are successly fought and won, the better the Guild does… and the greater the corresponding rewards :slight_smile:

This would be my guess, though I can’t confirm it.

  • Just registering for the GW should be enough, even if you don’t play a battle, you will still place at the end of your bracket, which places you in the 1000+ reward most likely. Though I don’t think doing 1 battle would hurt. Even with a loss you will get 4 points or so.
  • If you guild hop, you will get the reward of the guild that you end in on Monday reset. So as long as you hop to a guild that is registered for that week’s war, you’ll be fine.

Oh thanks! But… Seriously!!!

That can’t be right. What if you won all 6 x 5/0 battles in a higher-ranked Guild, and then dropped to a lower ranking one on Sunday.

You could file a Ticket to get the rewards that you’re due, for the work that you did, or are you outta luck?

@Saltypatra I think I forgot to copy you on all this, oops

To my knowledge from other posts, everyone in the guild at weekly reset gets the rewards for the week. Whether you were there to start or you just joined. So if you are moving down in guilds, I would advise waiting until Monday morning to move.

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Small correction: AFAIR from sneak peeks and such you have to actually fight at least one battle to get any GW rewards. But one battle by any member of a guild should suffice for all the members to get the rewards, no matter if won or lost.

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