Troop Hunting for Events

Current Event - “Lessons in Summoning”

Week: August 21st 2017
Goal: Summon troops in PvP or Explore.

Where: Anywhere in PvP or Explore.

Make sure you use summoning troops. A team of fully-traited Elspeths helps a lot, especially if you don’t mind losing. Remember that, win or lose, you have to finish the fight to earn snotgems.

I’ve created a spreadsheet showing the best kingdoms you should go to to find specific troops by Type or Color, both on Explore and Challenge modes. Again, why not share?

The obvious reason for this is to make our life easier on certain Events, like the current Eggsective Order (Apr 17th 2017), which requires us to kill Nagas in Explore mode.

I made this in a way that it is relatively easy to update (just copy-paste the troop table from ashtender’s troop table), even if devs change troops’ types, even when they release new kingdoms (which requires manually inputting info on new challenges, which isn’t too bad).

There are 2 tabs that you’ll want to check: the first 2 ones, called “Best Explore” and “Best Challenge”. These two sheets should be easy to read (all the other tabs are just auxiliary, but feel free to browse and try to understand my madness), but in case you don’t get it, I’ll explain it a bit:

Best Challenge

  • This tab will show the max number of troops of a given type/color you can find in a Challenge
  • It will also list all the Challenges in which you can get as many of those troops as possible.
  • In case of a tie, Challenges are listed alphabetically by kingdom and then by number.

Best Explore

  • This tab will list the best kingdoms (usually 3, but more if the kingdoms are tied or if the current values are at least 75% as good an option as the best option) to find troops of a specific type/color.
  • The numbers between parentheses indicate the average amount of troops of a given type/color you’ll find when exploring the indicated kingdom.
  • You might not know it, but Explore battles are the copy of one of the 7 Challenges of that kingdom, not only picked at random, but also with 1 random troop swap.
  • EDIT: As Ozball pointed out, there’s a low chance (about 20%) that the Explore battle will be a random Quest battle instead, also with 1 random troop swap. I’ve included that in my calculations now.
  • That swap is actually not entirely random, but I have not included the swap in my calculations – I’ve considered only the original Challenge battles.
  • This means that the kingdoms will always be displayed in the right order, whether or not you consider the swap, but the averages might be slightly different from the actual thing.
  • In case of a tie, kingdoms are listed alphabetically.

Final Thoughts

I might’ve missed something there, or maybe I didn’t fully understand how Explore battles are randomized. Make sure you tell me if you find any mistakes, if you have suggestions etc.

Oh, and I’ll try to keep the information on current Events up to date on top of this thread for those who don’t want to open google sheets.


Actually it includes Quests as well as Challenges. Silverglade is another possible kingdom as a result, as one of the quest battles gives 3 Naga.

Nice spreadsheet though! :smiley: Should be useful for upcoming events.

Source on Quests being included:

Wow, I literally found ALL Explore options I checked (4 rounds, looking every single kingdom each time, so about 112 checks if I counted right) were copies of a Challenge with 1 single troop swap. That’s weird. I’ll try to find an example of what you said, and in case I can confirm that, I’ll make the adjustments (they’ll take a long time, though, but shouldn’t affect the Best Challenge tab).

I’m now wondering if it’s worth it to include Quest battles, even if there’s a chance of them being there. For example, alhough there is a chance of finding 3 Naga in Silverglade, that’s 1 quest out of 23, and @Mithran seems to have established that Quest battles in Explore are very rare.

For example, in Silverglade, the chance of finding that single battle (among all Quest and Challenge battles) that has 3 Nagas is really low, and since it’s the only battle in Silverglade with Nagas, I would bet your chance of finding Nagas in BL/Karakoth/Zhul is still higher.

I’ll do this: For now, I’ll disregard Quest battles as part of the pool for Explore battles (and I’ll make it clear in the OP), at least until we can find out more about the odds of Quest battles showing up. I think the results should still be close enough to help players. What do you think?


I think that’s fair enough. It does seem that Quests are less likely to show up, so in most cases they probably won’t make a difference.

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Ok, I’ve made tests and now I’m noticing the Quest battles. After 285 Explores on Mist of Scales (check team, quit, open difficulty menu, close it, check Explore again), I got 80.95% of Challenge battles and 19.05% of Quest battles.

When I rework the spreadsheet to recalculate the averages for Best Explore, I’ll assume 20% for Quest battles and 80% for Challenge battles. But I’ll probably only starting looking into it on the upcoming weekend.


Great job, really useful spreadsheet, similar to one I’ve been working on as well. As mentioned by others, main thing is the addition of quests. From the other thread it seemed to be 15% of the time, and @MakoSipper has found it closer to 20%, so nailing this down would be nice. As for whether it’s worthwhile to track those, personally I think it is. I’d also suggest that using the 75% multiplier to account for the substituted troop would also be a good idea, since then you could use the number to estimate battles better.

As an example, only using Mist of Scales for the current event, the “just challenges” is 1.43 as reported in the spreadsheet. However, at 75% it drops to 1.07. The MoS quests are 1.21 (29 battles with 35 naga) and the 75% mark is 0.91. Combining both the challenges and quests and using the 75% mark yields 1.04 . So to get the 150 event gems would take on average 144 matches when (almost) everything is considered, compared to 105 matches if using the base (1.43) which is fairly significant in my opinion.

Just for completeness, the reason I said “almost” everything is then considered is because of the possibility of the swapped troop also being a naga. This is negligible here because of how few there are in the game, but it could have a bigger effect in a different event (say Daemon or Monster). But for this I’m not sure if we know how it chooses the extra troop, which I’m really curious about. Is it a straight equal random chance across all troops, or is rarity considered too (lower chance for a mythic sub, for example). Also, it might just be my isolated experience or perception bias, but I’m seeing far more of the new Suncrest troops substituted in compared to others (probably about 50% of the subs),


I stand by decision to not factor in the swapped troop, for sanity reasons, and because I think all that it will do is to bring the extremes of the curve closer together, not actually changing the order. The biggest difference would be Dragon Claw, but it would still be, by far, the best place to find Dragons (unless Quests change that too much, but I highly doubt it).

For now, I’ll stick to the 4:1 ratio, especially since it’s middle grounds between the 85% of challenges you said was observed earlier and the 75% you suggested.

About the troop that is swapped in, it’s definitely not random. I see that newer troops have higher chance of showing up. Also, Troops from the featured kingdom. Last but not least, Mythics and troops from pseudo-kingdoms seem to have a higher chance as well.


I was checking Adana’s Quests and I’ve noticed a lot of them don’t have a full team of 4 troops. Heck, there’s even one with a single Carnex.

I wonder if those teams can be picked for Explore. I think I’ll consider as if they can (possibly being filled with random troops, instead of swaps).

Alright, I haven’t uploaded the changed spreadsheet yet, but I’ve added the quest battles to my spreadsheet (thank you, regex) and it didn’t change things too much, as expected.

Silverglade still has a very low chance for Nagas (0,03 avg), and Mist of Scales is still by far the best, but Karakoth moved to 2nd place, followed by Stormheim.

I’ll update this post when the spreadsheet is ready again.

EDIT: Done, the new spreadsheet is up.

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Thank you for this awesome work. It will be usefull ! :slight_smile:

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Do you guys think it’d be better to have more than just the 3 best options listed for each row on “Best Explore”? 5 maybe? Maybe some other criteria to show more?

I thought of "show at least 3, or maybe show more if the 4th-nth options are at least 75% (50%?..) as good as the (1st) best option… In case, idk, the difference is between chances of top-n kingdoms is is really low.

I think top 3 is fine. Normally I’d expect people are just using the best one, or maybe alternating between the top couple. And anything beyond that can use the “big grid” of all the kingdoms, and just sort it appropriately if they want more than 3.


I was thinking maybe someone wants to optimize troop hunting and traitstone farming at the same time. I’ll make some tests later and see if it gets larger than that. I think it will affect mostly colors, but idk.

I’m also considering different scenarios in the future, when troops change their types and mess up the whole thing, when new kingdoms get added etc. =)

The [quote=“MakoSipper, post:14, topic:22795, full:true”]I’m also considering different scenarios in the future, when troops change their types and mess up the whole thing, when new kingdoms get added etc. =)
Or if they actually do some interesting events again, like “summons” :open_mouth:

New Event!

Make sure you set an Undead defense team (like 4 of the new Scorpion, maybe?) to help other players :wink:


Recent events made my spreadsheet useless, but I’m updating it anyway.


Updated for this week. Best options:

>>> Grosh-Nak (2.435) <<<
Adana (2.39)
Pridelands (1.749)


Made a small change on my spreadsheet, considering Gorgotha in Khaziel’s last quest has all colors. The difference should be minimal, though.

I don’t remember if there are other exceptions like this. If you know of something, please, tell me so I can make the proper adjustments.

#Current Event
Week: May 15th 2017
Goal: Kill Beasts in PvP

PvP… Make sure you use Beasts on your defense team in order to help others.