How could the game be made worse?

There may have been too much negativity flowing among us over the years, constantly being focussed on how the game used to be better or could be improved but never will be, no matter how much we beg for it (looking at you, “Send PM to guild member”).

Instead, let’s lighten the mood a little today by collecting thoughts, on how the game has not reached the bottom ground yet and could be turned into something even worse.
Here’s some anti-suggestions, that come to my mind right away, curious to read yours.

  • Guild events, where the points earned depend only on the five worst members out of 30 (for guilds below 30, these count as 0 automatically), encouraging the leader and officers to push against inactivity even more, making the game more “addictive” without any effort required on dev side.

  • additionally to this a holiday feature bought for money in the shop, that allows to be counted at the same amount of points as the top guild member for a set amount of days.

  • An option to buy additional attack tokens in guild wars for money

  • A Troll faction in the underworld, in the internet sense of the word. Features might include: Trait - Trololol - 50% chance to kill a random friendly or enemy troop at the start of my turn/the battle. Spell - /ragequit → both sides lose (imagine this one in a guild war defense).

  • Changing the troop collection feature into a “complete gacha”. Collect 1 of all common troops to get a rare one in exchange, same for rare to ultra rare, and so on.

  • Or including a change, that you do not get a “full” troop in chests, but rather random parts (duplicates very much possible) of it, that need to be combined, like gnome notes.

  • Turning the chat or this forum VIP-only.

  • And of course the classic to rule them all: Instant win tokens, that can be bought for money and allow to win a chosen fight right away. And a protection token against those, that can be bought as well.

Knowing the game almost from the start, it does not seem unrealistic, that any of these could have been included at some point, but they were not (yet). So we can honestly rejoice, that the game is not completely ruined, but could be worse.
What are further steps you could think of, that should never be included?
(also if you happen to disagree with me and think, that one of these points would actually make the game better, you’re welcome to explain that too of course.)

Have a good day in a game, that still does not hate its players at its fullest potential.

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Include multiple season/battle passes at the same time running on different schedules with unique loot.

Not only would the idea be horrific, there will be players defending it saying you dont have to buy everything! buy what you like! … as more and more gets gated off as paid content.


Oh come on, they don’t need more of this kind of inspiration. :zipper_mouth_face:

On top of wherever they’re getting it currently, I mean.



We need a second Mythic in Zaejin, so let it be a goblin god (or goddess) who curses all enemies, then devours an enemy and a random enemy with some huge chance (about 99%). And then gains an extra turn, of course - she’s a goblin or what?..

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Another Cosmetic Pet in Blackhawk… :poop:


Add unique troops to the elite+ pass.

Add books and imperial deeds to the elite+ pass.

Add an additional subscription with new game mode next year with unique rewards.

Add another shrine that gives books and imperial deeds.

Make troops even rarer in the vault.

Make the new kingdom any color other than green or blue.

Nerf vk drops during GAP.

Make Tower of Doom only once per year.


More exclamation marks. Some of them will spin, to add to the inconsistent exclamation mark animations.


You get 10 weeks (the duration of a kingdom pass) to collect a new kingdom’s troops. After 10 weeks, the current new kingdom is replaced by the next new kingdom. Troops, weapons, pets, the class and mythic become unobtainable until the kingdom rotates back in, which could take several years. They won’t tell you when though because FOMO. Buying the pass and completing all tasks every week for 10 weeks is the only way to obtain the weapon and pet. Buying the expensive pass is the only way to obtain the mythic before it disappears, potentially forever.

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Add a “stamina” or “energy” feature.
Each battle costs a certain amount of energy. The cost would be low for easy opponents and be higher for more difficult opponents.
The energy would replenish slowly over time.
A microtransaction would allow one to purchase energy.

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So, sigils? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It replenishes every day, and could be bought with gems or real money.


Simple: take most ‘improvements’ since 4.7ish, and keep pushing in that direction…

More Epic Tasks, more pointless clicks and messages in Explore, more random drops uniquely found in Vault, more Heroic Gems to keep increasing randomness and animation overhead…

…all the while maintaining the current level of QA and Dedication of course, which would be hard to beat
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


I was thinking every battle - explore, pvp, dungeon, delves, arena, guild events… Every battle everywhere would cost energy.

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More currencies and crafting materials! It’s been a while since War Coins, medals, ingots, forge scrolls, writs, deeds, books, chaos shards, etc were introduced. We’re getting bored with the same 50 things. GAP verses were a nice try but we aren’t even forced to pay money for them. Nice try, devs.


Oh and new weekly content that’s bug-free and play tested. The last thing we need is this forum drying up when nobody comes in here for the latest bug reports when things don’t work as expected.


They could fire the only person on the staff who was still playing Gems of War.

(I say this assuming Salty wasn’t actually fired and she instead just found a better job opportunity that she couldn’t refuse. Will be happy to delete this if that wasn’t the case.)

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And, like writs and deeds, absolutely no way to grind for them!


This is kind of already the case with Weapons in the Soulforge :sweat_smile::confounded: So yeah, more of this would be bad :persevere:


You’re not being creative enough.

We need some sort of new currency that we can Soulforge into Writs. And then another thingy that we can Soulforge into the “some sort of new currency”. And then some thing-a-ma-bob that we can Soulforge into “another thingy”. And a whozeewhatsit that we can forge into “some thing-a-ma-bob”.

Then for the whozeewehatsits to be rationed out as some sort of (very slow) drip currency, and to replace Writs and Deeds on the Adventure Board and as a reward from Epic Guild Tasks.



They could make rarity of a troop an indication of drop rate in chests or other areas for 5+ years and then randomly decide to change it and weight the same rarity troops drastically different than each other.

Oh weight…

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Only suggestion I have is to wait 6 months. It’ll be worse.

Work smarter, not harder :grin:

Maybe make a BINGO card with some of these ideas? New forum minigame?