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How are we all feeling now after 4.0?

I think I am happy with it but need a few more weeks.

The game is very time consuming now, and that is even if I not doing much daily tasks, dugongs, class events, pet rescues anymore.


I can see myself giving a slip more or less on the Factions building and Dvelve events too. As I might easily be burnt out if I don’t adjust myself. So far I am enjoying it, but that might change fast. Thankfully it is not a crazy “must do” as its mostly for Ingots and a few new Troops. But doing something is important in the long run to get those ingots and troops for Leveling up weapons for Power Leveling kingdoms.

I however think the Devs have really hit the right nail here, as the mode is “not too important” for endgame players. Giving us option to sit back and relax and still not miss out on everything. :+1:


I’m at this stage now too. I always thought the game needed more diversity but now I think like you I’ll just have to pick and choose on what I do and don’t do more often now.

And at the rate I keep getting growth orbs I’m starting to care less and less.

And the divine nerf, what nerf? All I see is exploders are useless and that didn’t slow down divines one bit.

No I don’t want them nerfed more. I just want explosions to do a little more.

That is why my new team uses all in one. All I can do. It loops and explodes.

I think they did that to slow us down. That’s all.

60% please. Thanks.

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I am neither crazy for ingots, I just want to upgrade enough weapons to get the necessary Kingdom Power Levels going. + some of my fav weapons ofc. :wink: For me its far from getting bragging rights for having all weapons maxed.


I’m still scratching my head with delves too. Really I think it is to catch newer players up to speed with the vets with how kingdoms work.

And at the same time slow the veterans down by chasing something that doesn’t matter to us as much.


Its nice to see that sometimes I manage to get a few Legendary Ingots from the 3 daily scrolls. Such things makes me having a good time.

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I like the challenge for sure.

A hour or so for 3 hard sets of fights or 30 minutes on easy. Whichever.

Or the same old pvp grind with 50 fights a hour against the same few teams repeatedly.

I just wish it was more rewarding when I do hit higher levels.

That’s the question I have.

Does it pay out better to farm out the 190 or the 60.

If both hoards are the same what will end up being more rewarding?

Higher fights / longer time in.

Lower fights / done faster.

Payouts = same?

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Sometimes I think I’d rather stare at a tree all night. :rofl::joy::joy::rofl:

Less thinking involved.

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Lets see a few more weeks, before we make up our minds.


If you stay at a comfortable level, farm to gain stats in a faction, you can eventually go up a level comfortably. If you rush to 190, without stat gains, and the fights are hard and long, you already get more rewards by having higher renown, and better global bonuses.

If someone wants to farm shards to raise faction bonus stats to make advancing easier to handle, how can they do that if their rewards are gimped?

The problem here is people want to rush, and after rushing progression, they feel they deserve more rewards because fights are hard and long…

This is exactly why I am not rushing, and I am taking my time. I want to advance with good stat bonuses, so I can tackle each new level efficiently.

However, if I have my rewards further diminished for choosing to take my time, I’ll be forced to advance before I’m ready, and delving for shards will become more a chore, than any kind of fun activity.

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