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Poll. Do you like 4.0?

  • Yes
  • No

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2 options to keep things simple.
Comments welcome.

It hasn’t even been alive for 24 hours, that’s not really enough time for me to tell. Honestly I want to see what factions look like in a month before calling this.

I mean, I got a lot of ingots out of it today. But for all I know that’s some kind of “first time” prize? There’s a lot to optimize and a lot to see. We’ve got a new economy. It takes weeks to figure this stuff out, man.

Delve seems interesting, but it’s going to be the weekend before anyone’s pushed it to interesting scaled levels.


Agree this is much to early really for a poll. I voted yes anyway.

Delves will be interesting. Though seem a bit complex. Concern also that’s another 24(?) ‘mandatory’ battles per day.

Not convinced by the new world map. I don’t like that I can’t zoom out.



Then again, the last update I “loved” was when those Weekly Events like “Kill Red Troops in Explore” were put into the game along with those Weekly Troops for Glory.

I stopped “loving” (and went to only “liking”) the game after the Gem Nerf way back when. Ever since the New UI update and the addition of Gem Sinks/Sigil based events, I’ve liked this game less and less.

So, this is typical for me now (not liking most of the new stuff they add in). I honestly don’t know if that’ll ever change. I’m just hoping that the old stuff (like getting new troops and such) will still be fun enough for me to keep playing. So far, it has been. But, I do play way less than I used pre-New UI and Gem Sinks, and i almost never buy anything for real money in this game now (outside of the occasional Guild Key sale and such).

So, yeah.

That’s “just me” though. Everyone is different.


I think it’s amazing.


Many peoples opinion is probably gonna change a bit next week when the delve enemies that are currently a cakewalk, will have the absurd stats we are used to in Raids and Invasions and their luck with the circlejerk of %chances make them get jack for it.

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Can we get a poll with checkboxes instead of radio buttons?


Man… I just want to move gems around. Why they gotta make it this complicated…


Congrats! Now, you have reached the level of “How I feel” for about the last year or so. Bravo.

** Applauds **

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Yes, giving players lots of ways to play, and different things to do is bad, it is way better to just have one game mode, to match gems, and be done with it. (sarcasm)

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Fair point of criticism, but I feel you are leaning too far in the opposite direction of what I and the original commenter I quoted has said.

Of course, we are exaggerating for dramatic/comedic effect and I believe that if all GoW had was Treasure Hunt, it would be a very dull game (at least for me).

But, I feel there is a happy medium to that and what we have now. Personally, I feel we hit that balance before the New UI and Gem Sink/Sigil events like Raids and Invasions became a thing. Honestly, I loved the game right after we got those Weekly Events like “Kill Red Troops in Explore” and got weekly Event troops for Glory. Even the Soul Forge was a neat addition.

I loved the game before everything looked like it came out of a Sci-Fi flick (troop cards/borders) or a children’s cartoon (New Map design) and before every new thing came attached with a Gem Sink Shop (Raids, Invasions, Pet Rescue, Class Events, etc). You know, Back when the game felt more like a game instead of a second job that needs micromanaging.

Buuuut, that’s just me. Shrugs.


So far, yes!

I like the improvements to the optics of the game.
I like the game mode itself and the make up of it too, makes it feel different though eventually it’ll come down to battle massively over statted troops again similar to Raids etc.
I like the addition of blocks to the board, though it is a two edged sword.

What i don’t like is the whole economic simulation part attached to it, apparently spiked with traps for players spending their treasures etc. in unoptimal ways to be bitten in the rear by it hard later on.
I also don’t like the chain of % chances(%chance for chest upgrade to %chance for chests shard amounts to %chance of shards turning into treasure to %chance of that treasure varying drastically in quality to %chance of those treasures increasing your hoard quality). This will result in frustratingly different outcomes for differnt players putting the same amount of effort in their delves.

The RNG , short for Random Number Goddess, is the supreme being who reigns over all moments of chance in a Role Playing Game. She determines all hits, dodges, critical hits, stat gains, and item drops, among other things.

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And i enjoy our Goddesses invisible and subtle touch slightly guiding our fate where appropriate.
I don’t enjoy when she drunkenly stumbles into the room, yells at me pushes me out of the way to show me who’s boss and just takes my own fate out of my hands entirely.


RNG is good to me:


RNG is bad to me:


Everytime we do something in Gems of War it’s like riding a seasaw:



… well, i felt misleaded at first, but i like the turn around in the direction and the realistic representation of a troubling relationship. You could improve it a little more by stating what she does with your fate like “tearing it apart” and maybe you could also add a description of how powerless you feel when these episodes happens, it could strengthen the connection the reader feels towards your character.
:face_with_monocle: I give it a 8/10

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Well in the end this is a rather private subject so i will not go into detail here, but i can assure you as a goddess she has easy access to the darkest places absent of any sunlight where she …buries it deep. Not a pleasant matter really.




No, I don’t like it. I think the new map effects are cute and all, but I’ve been playing video games for a pretty long time so I’m not going to sit here and be amazed at the moving water like a lot of people seemingly are. I suppose if you don’t play video games and this is your one and only, sure, but most video games have cool moving water effects.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s the same as the other modes, but with worse troops (exploder nerf), more pay walls, and a perma-death mode in a game in which the community consistently questions the fairness of the AI is absurd. I used my 3 free ones by the way, I won. Still absurd.

I’m not amazed at the dungeon maps. Why would I be? Sure, it looks different than a pet event, but are you not just clicking “battle X” when you click on a battle? Just because it looks different doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the same thing…

The people that want to level this crap up will spend thousands of real life dollars on the cash shop, and everybody else will be playing catch up. Problem for me is, I don’t feel like getting my faction to max level would give me anything, so why bother with it, let alone pay for it?

The recent “balance changes” were to encourage people to buy sigils for delves. Infernus, exploders, Ubastet. Every universally good troop had something bad happen to them, but Scorp and Worldbreaker was buffed as a cover up.

Overall, this extra clutter is here to make a profit. That would be fine if it was any fun. It isn’t. It is a re-skin of the other stuff that is here to provide a cash shop.