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Poll. Do you like 4.0?

You don’t even make sense.

Level what up? Weapons? You get ingots for free from pvp, and now Delves. Play catch up? You mean, have to play to get rewards? I guess you are unhappy, and every post adds to your theory this game is pay to win, without valid evidence. Do you go to Hearthstone forums and post about how Pay to win it is? Or any other f2p game?

You don’t like gems of war, you have said you don’t like gems of war for all the five months that I’ve known you. You’ve said you don’t like the devs, and consider them greedy people… You don’t have to play gems of war, if it truly makes you miserable.

I don’t understand a person that constantly posts about something they hate, and then complains about what they hate on a regular basis, as if what they hate is a stalker stalking them, rather then them stalking a game they claim they don’t like, don’t enjoy, and don’t play.

What keeps you lingering around Gems of War, and the forums, if you hate it so?


Level up the factions, you silly duck.

For the last 5 months, the game has been adding cash shops. Before that, I played every day without a care in the world. You run around people like a dog chasing a car trying to convince them because this game is the best thing that ever happened to this planet. If it is soooooo amazing, GO PLAY IT instead of telling those who have a problem how good it is.

I like the core gameplay of the game. The cash shops and design decisions have soured me on it. I can come here and give that feedback 400 times a day, every day, if I choose to do so. I’ve got the time.

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Cool. Thank you for making it clear you why you post.

I understand you now, and I get what type of person you are.

And thank you, you made an awesome point, I should be off having fun and enjoying myself!

I’m glad my personality is perfectly translated over my opinion of a game. I’ve seen what kind of person you are for a long time.

Hope the cash shops have a special for ya soon. :wink:

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I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but out of my three delves, fully cleared with no deaths, I found only 4 ingots, legendary. I got lame gold and then renown and one chest had chaos shards. I only found 2 treasures from the two chests I got to open. No new unit (which they suck anyways so I’m not even mad about that, except that I want to level whitehelm)

At this rate it’ll take me like years to do anything in this update. Can’t get the currency to open the chests to get the treasure (and units) to upgrade the hoard to get the rewards…

And to be honest I’m a bit peeved that the update for iOS came out way later than the rest and I had to sleep before it finally hit so I missed out on 3 whole delves without devs caring about that.

They could have been nice and sent out a mail or 4.0 calendar bonus for everyone. It’d soften the blow a bit to be able to have a bit more stuff to mess around with and form opinions.

Not a fan of daily lock outs. Especially when the content took like 30 minutes to do. I wish we could have had an actual mode, like when they released Explore mode! That was brilliant, amazing, great way to get new traitstones.

I know the game and the dev direction has spiraled away from being fair to players, but part of me really hoped we’d be getting something a little more fair. A little less energy. A bit less lock out.

I imagine if Explore mode came out today that it would use sigils or have a lock out mechanic.


More content is good. 4.0 has more content. If you don’t like the new content, the old content is still there.

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Yes because the treasure hoard/delve/troops that you can collect but then sacrifice to treasure to get chance to upgrade (???) is convoluted enough to seem like underworld, upside down logic.
I do appreciate the general tone of the underworld though. Very moody with the rooms, especially with the Hall of Guardians design.

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Please change the top map back to the old look
These colors are hard on the eyes and the writing is a lot smaller when you’re using a cell phone it makes it almost impossible and I have $1, 000 cell phone so it should not be like that

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This is why we need to wait a few days and see.

On my first Delve, I got a chest upgrade every match and ended up with 8 mythic ingots. From looking at my guildmates’ hauls, that’s the upper end. Most people who have good luck are getting 0 or 4 mythic ingots, but everyone’s getting legendary ingots. But then in my Delves today, I barely got any chest updates and got very few legendary ingots. Luck is not always a lady. It made today feel really disappointing. But in a week, after I’ve had results all over the place, I’ll be happier.

I can’t play 6 matches and get a reasonable estimate for how much stuff I’m going to get. But when I look at my guild’s comments, we all seem to agree: if we pool our prizes together and treat that like “this is a month of Delves”, we’re going to get more legendary/mythic ingots this month than we have received since ingots released. I am clapping my hands about this.

The rest of your stuff is valid. It’s disappointing we only get to play 3 Delves today. It’s frustrating to only open 3 of the new chests. But this is clearly meant to be a slow drip of content, and they very clearly want to control the ingot economy. Dungeons are also 3 per day, and they’re the gatekeeper of diamonds. We’re going to have our first faction event next week. Let’s see how many sigils we get and what rewards we get.

PvP and Explore are the grindy modes. The stuff I get from 300 PvP matches isn’t as valuable to me as the stuff I get from 3 Delves. If I could do 50 Delves today, I would, but then I’d have so many maxed legendary weapons I’d be whining I have too many ingots. So I play my Delves, I get my shinies, and I go back to grinding. I am at peace with this!


Yes, I am indeed a horrible person.

But thank you for the wishful thinking, I’m going to buy my guild keys on Monday to help those that don’t get lucky on Friday have a better shot at getting the new mythic. It won’t be on special, but I like to help my guild (and support the game) in whatever ways I can.

Case and point, ladies and gentleman. :joy:

I like the way the board slams down at the beginning of a match.

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I like it, but i hate the lack of troop rebalance, the ramdom rewards from delves chest and the massive amount of nerfing in explosions.

I like the delve idea, which is all I’ve really noticed, but I really dislike the new world map. It looks awful compared to the old version, and like it was thrown together quickly and last minute. Hopefully that can be reverted back.

Thought I would revive the poll now we have had a few more days of 4.0

So far it feels like the least harmful of the new upgrades. I think Delve needs a few behavioral tweaks but it’s not like Raid Boss, where I didn’t like it the first go-around and have never liked it sense. And it’s definitely not as bad as the Unity upgrade, which introduced bugs that still haven’t been fixed and alienated a lot of players with visual impairment. And it’s not as perplexing as the hero/weapon update, where we were left wondering why we had expensive things to by that don’t do much.

This is actually a mode with a clear purpose and interesting rewards that is taking a lot of data collection and theorycrafting to figure out how to exploit. That’s pretty cool.

It’s just not very cool we’re figuring out the optimal path involves “advancing as little as possible”. That’s… confounding.


ONope. It takes too much time. Delve takes too much time for the very small reward IMO. I think you are going to see more quit game because they have no time for it. I’m already seeing spaces in top guilds probably because of all the stuff you need to do daily.


Not really a fan of this update. Delves are too similar to class events, Bounty, Raids and Invasions and I’ll probably end up ignoring them like I do the other modes.

I hate spending 30 minutes being super careful about every single move I make only to be destroyed by cascades on the final battle and get rubbish for rewards