Delves after 4.3 (Potions)

Is it just me or do the Delves this week seem extremely difficult now outside of the events? In particular Silver Necropolis.

  • Constant skull storm
  • Endless Cascades in favor of the AI
  • Restricted gem color dropping that favor the AI

I realize I could just have bad luck and run into extreme difficulty for a day or 2. But this has been happening since the end of the event.
I fear that the AI is over compensating by how much easier potions make runs. But the thing is, I don’t have any Potions being used right now to offset the shannigans.

This truly took the cake today…
Started at Faction Renown 1940…
First run had a troop die in the second match
… Finished the delve with Irongut.
2nd run, lost 2 troops in the boss match.
3rd run, had all my troops for the third battle again. But instantly lost 1 due to this as a starting board:

Manage to strip the armor of every troop. But every time I needed skulls, I couldn’t get any. Both AI and I had 1 troop left at the end. Magically, the AI got the skull drop it made.
Finished today with 1980. (50 renown less than expected)

4.3 had so much potential. But outside of fixing Tina (which turned out to be a server side fix?) What good has 4.3 done exactly?

Obviously I can’t prove this, but I suspect that it’s an unlucky streak. And I think we players should not expect to win every time at high Delve levels—and certainly not with all troops alive. We are conditioned to think that every battle is winnable (outside of a few cases like faction-team attempts), but maybe that is a mistake on our parts.

My level 20 Delve is the same difficulty it’s always been.


I dont think there’s anything funky going on in delves that can’t be seen in other game modes.

I’ve hit an unlucky streak where 12 gem creations have a high chance of missing an extra turn, but other than that, nothing too out of the ordinary. Even the skulls have been average in amount. (10 or less)

Easter skulls this weekend, expect an ungodly amount of skulls to show up

Instead of fine tunning the features the devs decided to make them easier by introducing potions on shop tiers… My perception about Delves difficulty or streaks remains the same, but with all the crazy and OP stuff going on with these potions effects i can assume that more people could get a feel that the game itself can be harder in some ocasions for no reason…

The game is not hard, the troops and features are simply not very well balanced. This week’s invasion even without Potions is very easy with so many “anti-tower knights” And at some point we might have a harder event using some very restricted and poorly designed/developed troop type…

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