How are we all feeling now after 4.0?

I’m just curious of everyone’s thoughts now that is has been a week since updated.

Please vote below.

Thanks. :+1: Much appreciated!

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I think the delves could use some tweaking but other than that this is the best update so far imo.


I think progression needs a better explanation. I love the game, and 4.0 has made me love it even more. However, progressing vs stalling and patiently building stats up to make progressing easier seems more how it was designed.

Yet the events force progression… Which means, if say, I’m a level 100-400 player, I use gems to tier 6, I could easily make delves far too challenging and lose tons of sigils…

And this is even true for high level players, because even high level players have a job, and other responsibilities. So forcing delve progression could make daily delve tickets take hours to complete with a high % chance of losing…

I’m so confused about the stat gains – they are there to make progression easier, I assume… and yet the events force you to progress without stat gains… Or stall, and lose out on boss and quality level chest upgrades… (and the stalling can happen to anyone, if a delve takes too long and you have 20+ sigils left… and you are running out of time)…

It’s a strange system, and one I wish was more easily defined…

I can tell you upfront, if delves become too challenging, with a high % chance to lose, and begin taking hours to complete each day, I’ll quickly lose patience with them all together.

I don’t understand the forced progression in the events, it’s mind boggling, and because progress carries over, you are then stuck forever with delves that are nigh impossible, or very, very hard, and very time consuming.

I honestly don’t know, or understand, how progression was designed… Slow and steady, fast and furious (I said this in a previous post)… both methods are legit, one far more rewarding, as stalling to gain stats also stalls renown gains and all the rewards that come with it.

And stalling during the events, you lose the boss room, and all your chest upgrades, renown, and all the awesome rewards that come with raising renown…It’s very, very confusing.


It’s okay. I wish devs would make a mode that does not have integrated shop in its event but that is wishfull thinking… I want to see how people battle each other on a event leaderboard without the use of thousands of gems ( pvp does not count)

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I’d be a lot happier if they finally got around to fix the weapon upgrade situation.
Having gotten a mode to farm ingots at a satisfying rate would be fantastic if upgrading weapons would not make them worse.

I really enjoy the playing of delves.
The progression system(hoard level) needs tweaks to be more relevant.
The reward structure would need tuning aswell to make time investment and rewards a bit more proportional but at this point i am not really caring about the rewards anymore, because see above, i don’t want to make more of my weapons worse by upgrading them.
If they fix that i’d be peachy but until then it is just a ‘meh’ from me.


Pvp does count, it’s pretty crazy you would say it doesn’t count… PVP Leader-boards were all the community had in game for years, dismissing it is ludicrous.

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I am talking about event leaderboards. Pvp is not an event. Every other event ( bounty, class, raid, invasion, delve) has a gem shop where you can literally buy yourself infinite tries for top places.

Renown rewards are a pretty big deal, you gain tons of renown and tons of rewards for raising renown. Not advancing keeps renown low, and makes raising renown very, very difficult.

Would you stay up 24 hours, or 72 hours to do an event? Because the top people would, free or not, they would play non-stop for whatever the top reward was.

I don’t think renown is a big deal so far, i don’t even think it is significant, but i know we will just agree to disagree on that so let’s not go further down that road.


Wow, so all those in game mails you got, and the daily gold and extra goodies, pretty soon even permanent stat gains, don’t matter much?

Agree to disagree… But I do believe raising renown is big deal, and very rewarding.

I voted Other.

I really like Delves but they have to be changed drastically before I lose my goddamn mind.

How much sense that makes is consistent with how much I’ve already lost my mind.


Just let us choose our delve lv exactly like in bounty ffs. Other than that good update.


I couldn’t agree more, I had hoped, wished it would be like this…

There is such an overwhelming amount of activities to be done each day now. It is really becoming more of a chore than fun. I think the thought was “Let them choose what they like” but if I stop doing everything, I’ll quickly stop doing anything. The activities are all too scattered. This week’s weekly event wants PVP kills. The guild weekly event wants us to spend 20 hours killing towers. The daily tasks are all over the place, but usually take 15-45 minutes. The daily delves take about half an hour. Plus there are dungeons to do. And now daily events - I spent about 3 hours on the delve event and still couldn’t use up all my sigils buying just level 1. Some of that was due to having a newborn, but there is way too much going on in the game and it is not connected. The daily tasks don’t connect with any activities that are dungeon or newer. They don’t give out those resources or count those activities. The next update really needs to address this and some other long-overdue QoL improvements.

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I did all my towers in four hours to meet my guild req. (That’s about an hour a day)… There are guilds to meet every time schedule, so you may have to join a guild with lower requirements. Most of the top guilds have family guilds to accommodate all ranges of play-time. Do what’s fun, but any sense of obligation do it all, that’s not on the devs, that’s on us as individuals.

This sums my opinion up, I voted “Other” as well.
I love the idea of Delves and the concept behind it, but I am seriously on the border of burnout. The forced progression to get anywhere with renown vs. the time you need to play the Delves, the complete lack of ingame explaining an overly complicated system - both in delves and hoard upgrading and what the combination of hoard level, quality and delve level can bring - leading to people messing up themselves and their delves… it’s so crazy. I really, really like the idea of Delves and the challenge they bring.

But I want to choose my own challenge level at any time, based on the time I have for the game and my mood. Especially with the added challenge of the faction troop performance - good job, you can easily beat delve 200 with your normal team, but you faction team can only beat delve 50? Too bad for you, no delve 50 ever again…

So yeah. Great idea, great performance on how delves are presented (the map, the battles, the strategy people need). But the whole mechanics around them (hoard and delve levels) are complete and utter player trolling nonsense.


I believe delve faction levels are to boost your stats to make progressing easier. You can use any team in a delve, you don’t have to use the faction team – in fact, I don’t think you get any actual bonuses from using faction team over and over again.

Also, on the third tab, they allow you to see what quality levels, and faction bonus stats points, give beyond where you currently are. 5x treasures at 20% each, guarantees a 100% chance to upgrade your quality level, and you’ll gain some stat increases in your delves as well…

I understand you are unhappy, but I’ll kindly agree to disagree that the quality level gains, and bonus stat gains for each subsequent faction delve, are utter player trolling nonsense.

‘Other’ for me.

I leveled up the 2 kingdoms in the Underworld, and played some Delve battles, but I really don’t understand how it all works with the ‘factions’, hoards, rewards, chests, shards, what order I can chose the rooms in there and all that.

Having an Underworld is a nice idea but I’m just staying ‘above’ in the original world map for now because I had only just managed to level up all my Kingdoms to 10 and get some stars for each and replenish my gold. I’m not in a Guild (don’t wish to – can’t commit to those daily chores due to time) and don’t have any Mythics at all (so I don’t know about any topics related to those troops). I’m enjoying the new features in that original world and just taking a day at a time in the hour or so a day I take. That is enough for me right now.

If I can ever understand how all that Underworld/delve stuff works, or take the time to figure it out, I’ll revisit it. For now… no, it’s too overwhelming. Enough ‘up top’ to do and enjoy as is.

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My mom is a lot like you. She tried delving, but found it kind of hard. She’s doing maps, and explore, to build up her kingdoms and stuff. And although she loves the game, she’s in no rush to reach end game.

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