How are players getting so many keys? How do you use them?

Hi I’ve been playing GoW on the Xbox One since Nov 12th, and I only discovered this Gems forum today. I’m astounded by the hundreds of troops that some people are listing in their posts. How is this possible?

I’m in a Guild with 30 members, so we get a few keys every few days. What I don’t understand is that some players in the forum here have troop duplicates in the 250+ range, and 7 to 16 each of the City Epics. I am Level 98 with Celestial Armor and only have 1 to 4 of the city epics, with the exception of 8 of Finley.

Point 1: I’m having trouble seeing how you folks are gaining so many keys. Are you spending huge amounts of Gold on Iron keys? Are you saving up Gems to buy multiple packs of Magic Keys?

Point 2: Has anyone come across an apparent strategy for actually USING keys which seems to work better than spending 40 keys at once willy-nilly? Like, for example, are you more likely to get a desirable card when you are down to only 2 keys remaining?

I’ve also been wondering whether my lack of City Levelling might be affecting my game (idk what I’m missing for not having levelled all-troops or all-challenges). Does levelling drastically affect the number of keys and gold that I’d get as tribute? I don’t have any Level 10 cities on the XB1, nor do I know which cities I should level up first. I’m not sure how the city levelling will translate over to the 1.085 update either. Help?

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The key to getting lots of keys (see what I did there?) Is being I a guild where DONATIONS are the focus. Match masters has a 100k per week minimum donation with almost every member donating over that and done donating many times over that. Completing guild tasks with that kind of gold gets you everything from keys to gems.

It certainly helps having your kingdoms at 10. For one thing it frees you up to donate to the guild more and for another you will see more tributes.

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WELCOME to the forums!

im going to start with - im on pc/mobile but i can answer some of your questions just remember that some may be a little bit off.

ways to get them:
1 when you have multiple lands give you tribute you get keys
2 treasure hunt gives you keys (7 chain cascades)
3 you get them randomly playing the game (for the pc it seems to have increased how often you get them and might for the console later)
4 guilds focusing on keys

as for using them
(we have gold and glory and gem keys…)
i buy glory keys with glory AFTER i reach 3600 glory for a week (using treasure maps and pvp)
my gold keys are just fairly fast - about 1 a challenge battle.
since i have both the 2 armors for 500 gems, i save up and get 50 gem keys every 450 gems.

ps: do NOT unenchant ANY troops until you can ascend them! you need a ton of them!

If you’ve been playing since Nov 12th and have that few troops, then you must barely play at all. I’ve been playing semi actively since January and almost have around 150x for each white troops. Although I have almost 2000 keys saved up, so after they open I’d have several hundred more of each troop. The answer to the question is guild donations. Only the top 2 guilds really have super active donations. Every other guild might complete a task or two a day, but are mostly inactive or dead. Even the rank 3-10 guilds are at least 80%+ inactive. A few weeks ago their was a massive glitch that let players get 12 magic keys from each guild key task. The top 2 guilds pulled around 300-500 magic keys individually while that glitch was active. Giving most every person in those guilds every legendary minus a few(crimson and tso wouldn’t drop for me even after 500 magic keys). Since that glitch was patched, the guild key task now gives 12 iron keys compared to the old 6. These guilds continue to pull in at least 100-200+ per week. I use those as an example because the other guilds have donation too small and irrelevant across the board to mean anything.

Don’t spend gems on keys, it’s a huge rip off. Really don’t even spend gold on keys, just get into a decent guild and get them from the tasks

Keys have no strategy or quirks to make them give better results, it’s pure rng.

Leveling cities mostly comes down to leveling troops, and if you haven’t been leveling troops then I don’t know what you have been doing on the game. Leveling cities increases the chance to get tribute I believe, not the actual rewards. So having multiple high level cities means you have a higher chance of getting 2,3,4,etc cities procing per tribute.

Machiknight, I can see that a high-volume donation Guild would churn out keys and gems but without a steady source of Gold income per day this is a bit tricky. I think I make 4000 a day and that’s assuming I do at least 3 PvP sessions.

The problem with levelling up cities on the console versions is that I’d have to waste souls levelling up a whole bunch of essentially unusable Troops. That’s why I haven’t done it (=not enough souls). I would level up Stormheim and Whitehelm except that I don’t have all the troops (read: legendaries) necessary.

Treasure Hunt is bugged on the console. We start with 14 turns that don’t actually translate to Extra Turns unless there’s a match-5 created. Match-4 maneuvering is sort of broken, I can’t see how anyone can create more than one or two Vaults on the game board on the console.

Kzinti you bring up an interesting point. You’re able to gather 3600 glory PER WEEK on the Mobile version? Wow. When you spend you your keys do you get better results opening up 50 chests at once, rather than say, 5?

3 PvP matches per day means you are barely playing at all. All the topics in question are completely irrelevant if you barely play the game. It’s quite easy to level up troops on console because we have tasks that reward us with souls for leveling troops up to 10 or 15. You should only level troops when you get those tasks, otherwise you will run out of souls fast without being able to make them back in a reasonable amount of time.

Treasure hunt isn’t bugged, that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’re not supposed to be able to create many of the vault looking things in any one game. The most I’ve ever gotten is 1.

The guy who said he gets 3600 glory per week doesn’t play on console. That would equal 1,200 PvP wins I believe with the current version of console.

Horror, I only level up my troops when I get the “Level up to 10” (get 500 souls) or “Level up to 15” (get 1500 souls) tasks. Well that’s probably the primary reason why it’s taking so long to level my cities! :sweat:

I’m not sure what playing “actively” means but I’ve finished all the main Quests, polished off Rainbow Gorgotha and won the War & Peace legendary weapon. I’ve also bought bundles including armor and a legendary. I’m guessing the math alone for the questline there would suggest the amount of time I’ve put into the game.

Hm, tbh honest when want to rank up to Champion on a typical week I’ve been doing rank 15 to 10 on day 1, rank 10 to 5 on day 2, and the rest by day 4. I’m sure if someone has a whole slate of Legendaries to choose from, it’s possible to finish a PvP in 3 minutes. Unfortunately I find my matches last 4x that long. My go-to team is non-legendary and I slog through PvP Defenses consisting of Webspinner, Luther, Boar Rider, or Sheggra and Carnex. I don’t have any of those particular legendaries.

If Kzintiwife says she is gathering 3600 glory per week then that probably includes a whole lot of Arena matches rather than just 3 Glory per PvP (for mobile version).

Players on Steam/iOS/mobile don’t have the bugged Treasure Hunt. They can create 6 to 7 Vaults per board. I’ve seen the screenshots.

But from your comments Horror about the top guilds, then, I gather is that the “Find a good Guild” aspect is waaaaay more important than previously imagined. This is in fact my main problem? sigh

I’m in birchteam on the Xbox One. If you want I can get you in. As long as you do something like 50 trophies and 20-30k in gold donations per week. I can help you with setting up some better PvP teams as well.

I’ll have to level up more cities then for gold tribute.

Alright, PvP. Think I need some suggestions for a rapid-kill Valkyrie team.

The front-row high-attack wielders on the console seem to be somewhat squishy. Most of the time, casting Level 15 Aborath (blue/purple) gives the opposing team a skull match AND skull drops that whittles him down too much. Same goes for Ettin (blue/black) and Treant (blue/green)… they keep getting pounded.

The ‘best’ Valkyrie team is something like -

Abhorath / Skeleton / other purple
Green Slime / Giant Spider
Keeper of Souls / Bone Dragon

Valkyrie charges the Slime/Spider, which charges the Keeper/Dragon and vaporizes the opposition. Skeleton is a good lead for this because of the skull generation and more extra turns, but not as much with the recent nerf…

Alternatively, you could switch it up from the skull team and use a hero with a purple ‘hits all enemies’ weapon of some kind.

Thanks Shimrra. I’ve got Keeper of Souls, AND console users (on XB1 at least) can buy Bone Dragon this week. We do not have Green Slime nor Giant Spider, although Spider shows up on opponent teams in the Arena.

I can sort of see that I might be constrained by not having either Shadow Dragon or Webspinner to generate purples or green/blue. I mean I would use SD to feed the Keeper or Bone Dragon instead of using the Spider.

Edit: urk. The color-generation synergy here doesn’t work without a Spider or Slime does it?

Not particularly well, no.

Failing the team I listed previously, a more simple Valkyrie + Crimson Bat combo is fairly painful. With Soothsayer once you get Wild Plains.

The Bat. Yet another rare but desirable legendary. Would something like this be suitable:

Abhorath (15 blue/purple)
Alchemist (10 red/black)
Valkyrie (10 red/yellow)
Crimson Bat (16 red/blue)… No idea what Banner to put here when my Mana Masteries are 25%…

…or does this suffer from lack of targeted damage? Does it work sufficiently against Rockworm attack?

For a fast True Damage/Valkyrie Team I use;

Crimson Bat
Wolf Knight

with the Adana (Red/Yellow) banner

Just use Valkyrie a couple times then wipe out the enemy Team. You can do 2-3 quick matches and get much more Souls in the time to do a max Soul match.

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Great! I’ll try that out… Looks like something that will work right out of the Box without having wade in Slime. :wink:

I’ve never run any True damage builds before, as I always thought their colours would conflict overmuch with Valkyrie’s. The main difficulty with Valk/Wolf might be a lack of yellow gems after the board’s turned blue a few times?

I just prioritize transforming Purple/Green after getting Venoxia to fire once. After everyone is Poisoned and already damaged (for Wolf Knight) then Venoxia is just a meat shield with high Attack (for Skull matches).

Thank you. I can see that using Venoxia in this way is less labour intensive. Whenever I’ve used high-attack troops in the first slot, like GloomLeaf, I’ve always found they require too much micromanagement in case a double skull-drop prematurely ends their usefulness. Having to pay constant attention to random skull drops in a game that Features Random Skull Drops has always annoyed me, haha.