Key gain estimate

I play on console and have started hoarding keys for the 1.0.8 update that comes in approximately a month. By the time it hits I should have a little over 1k iron keys saved up. After the translation that should be 2k gold keys and 1k glory keys. Once the update hits and I use all of those keys, what can I expect to come out with? It might even be closer to 1.5k iron keys.

Use the keys before if you want better or more troops. After if you want to get some traitstones to unlock some traits for the troops you usually use.
That’s all there is to say, the rest is up to your luck.

20% of keys turn into traitstones, and the rest turn into troops.

Gold keys become Common & Rare troops.
Glory keys become Rare or better troops.
Gem keys become Ultra Rare or better troops.

It used to be that having multiple copies of a troop was a waste - but now that extra copies can be used to ascend the troop, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to pull 50+ copies of that Boar Rider.

Not all of the rest turn into troops. Some turn into gold, gems, glory, or souls. If you are trying to get as many legendary troops as possible, open the keys before the transition.

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I think its a 30% chance for a troop to be substituted by a traitstone. When 1.0.8 hit on PC/Mobile I opened over 2k Glory keys and took notes - 395 Ultras/Runics and 61 Epics/Arcanes, which were 70/30% and 72/28% respectively.

I don’t know what the chances are for turning into gold/souls/glory/gems (I assume its the same for each but with values to suit). I’ll have that info on 1.0.9 patch day.