Question about 1.0.8 from a console player

So what was the general consensus? Should I save my keys? What about my gems? Or should I cash everything in before the 1.0.8 patch hits consoles. We still don’t have trait stones btw

There’s a big thread on the debate. It came down to a couple choices for me.

Save Key Reasons:

  1. Get a jumpstart on traitstones.

Spend Keys Reasons:

  1. Try to get more copies of troops for Ascension.

I didn’t feel there was any major benefit to save keys. If you’re earning glory, hoard glory. The packs that give arcane traitstones for glory are a major deal come 1.0.8 vs trying to farm the arcane stones.

Thanks, us console peasants know nothing of this ascension so I disenchanted all my extra troops. You think I should burn through my keys now? I’m pretty happy with my team so finding new troops isn’t a concern.

There is no wrong choice in deciding to keep or use keys.

I had disenchanted my extras as well, as “We’d never need more than 4…”

The ascension that is coming is merging multiple copies of troops together to raise the rarity. So Common->Rare-UR->E->L->Mythic. As the rarity rises, so too do the stats of the troop. So commons like Skeleton, are extremely powerful right now.

If you’re happy with your team, I’d save your keys so that you’ll have a chance to get some traitstones when you get the update. The traits are fun and infuriating all at once. On mobile, we get the content first, but we also get the unintended imbalance that comes with lots of new content.

and the ascension thing takes awhile -
from a gold to mythic is 5
from a purple to mythic is 15
from a blue to mythic is 40
from a green to mythic is 90
from a common to mythic is 190.

i would keep them for the trait stones.

I would had used every key now, for the ascensions. You will easily run 1000 games during the first weeks(to gain stones), as well as open up gold keys, glory keys through match/guild/treasure maps earnings. The stones also required for common-ultra rare troops shouldnt take too long to farm.

I personally haven’t been saving any keys for the update myself, been using them normally. To both get additional troops and to possibly acquire the hand-full of ones that I’m still missing. (1/2 dozen maybe?) I also have 3/4 of all my troops leveled to 15 already too, so I think this should be quite helpful. … I’m doing this to mostly upgrade kingdoms right now. I have 2 kingdoms at lvl 10, (would be three, but missing Crimson Bat for Ghulvania, which is sitting at 9) and all others are at 5/6 with two others at 7.

Hoping to have the rest leveled out in the next couple weeks.

Personaly i have 50 iron keys saved to convert when ever the update is…Seeing how that will turn to 50 glory keys and glory keys are 20 glory each So figure save 1,000 glory off the bat lol and 100 gold keys at 300g so 30,000g, So you figure 50,000 gold now will get you keys worth 1,000 glory +30,000 gold…

The big thing for me is Souls, You might wanna consider stocking up enough souls to get your main team of 4 from 15 to 20 asap, that way you can burn thru invades in pvp and earn more glory trait stones.

I went thru and disenchanted most all whites but a few like Glade Warden , Centaur Scout, Goblin and Rock worm and some greens till i had my 13,000 souls now im saving…im not 100% sure this is right (maybe a pc/moblie can check) but this is the numbers i was given in a post on what it cost for each rarity to level from 15 to 20

Common : 2,090 souls
Rare : 2,400 souls
Ultra-rare : 2,750 souls
Epic : 3 100 souls
Legendary / Imp : 3,450 souls

Im still opening chest every day though trying for my last 6 cards…but again i logg each night with 50 keys saved lol

The timing of the update is something to look at. When the update preview got put in the game a lot of people started hoarding keys thinking the update was only a few days away. Now that preview is gone and there is no information at all about when the update will be. I had almost 200 keys saved up but got tired of waiting and used them, and I don’t regret it. The coming update on console is still potentially weeks to months away, so I’m sure not hoarding keys for the next months.

Yea Who knows when the update will be thats why i limit to holding 50 keys…We have only had the one message showing preview #1 theres 3 preview videos if im not mistaken