Getting more gems?


well so what’s the best way to go about it beside buying them with real money? so far i got 11 of them with chest but i think i read somewhere you can also get them with tributes, but all my cities always offer gold,glory and souls as tributes so what’s up with that?

also i understand normal key can be got with matches and rare key by doing arena but how are you supposed to get the last tier which let you pull the gem gacha?


you can get gems from tribute when you get more than 1 kingdom sending you a tribute at once. So if you get 2 kingdoms you get 3 gold keys and 1 gem. 5 kingdoms gives 6 gold keys and 4 gems.

you can get gems from the treasure maps when you get green chests, red chests, and vaults.

you can also get them when the AI makes a 7 cascade when you defend. (instead of a map)


ah i see, so should i buy all the kingdoms if i want to improve my chances? and are gold keys only avaiable when you receive multiple tributes?


you can get them from the glory, gem, and event keys as well.

you can get glory keys by either spending glory or getting wins in the arena or in the treasure map (green, red, and vault)
(you get glory by winning battles and getting to rank 1 in pvp or the treasure maps)

you can get gem keys by spending gems or in the treasure map (red, vault)


tribute gives gold keys. not anything higher :frowning: but you want a lot of gold keys to ascend your white troops… i have a peasant that has 26 health, 17 attack, and 16 armor because of kingdoms, levels, and ascension.

kingdoms when at lvl 10 will give a 10% chance of giving tribute and you get the state bonus for all troops as well. (karkoth and darkstone give magic :smile: )


ok so to recap

gold keys = by making matches, and as tributes
glory keys = by spending glory (which you gain by doing PvP) or by doing arena
gem keys = by spending gems or as a rare reward from treasure hunt
event keys = ???


some event keys are in the “rewards” part of the shop. so you spend glory for them as well.

glory keys also in treasure hunt.

also glory keys and gems from an active guild. :smiley: which im recruiting for currently


You can also get gems by joining a guild and contributing to the guild tasks.


There are a few good methods currently. In order of best:

  1. Guild Contributions. An active guild earns more gems than every other gem accumulation method combined with the added benefit on not even needing to be online to accumulate them all.

  2. Tributes. This is more of a late game form of income, but having many level 10 kingdoms, as well as several 3 star kingdoms down the line, can accumulate many gems and other resources every hour (with input, not automatically).

  3. Treasure Maps. Get pro at doing treasure maps. They can give out about 1-10 gems each depending on how well you do with them among other valuable resources.

Gold and Glory keys also give a decent amount of gems, possibly even more so than treasure maps if you accumulate a lot of them. Gold keys are mostly associated with activity (playing matches and tributes) whereas glory keys are mostly linked to how well you do (Guild contributions and glory).


allright thanks for the answer, though i’m still confused about gem key and event key, gem key can be got by treasure hunt but how do you get event key? only by buying that “pack” thing from the shop to spend glory?


Currently, the only two methods are:

  • The 300 glory weapon pack. This is bi-weekly and gives 2 event keys per 300 glory among other valuables. 180 glory also gives one, but waiting for the 300 glory weapon pack is much more worth it.
  • Approximately 15 gems each (less for buying bulk).

There is technically a 3rd method, but it costs real cash.


This week’s pack is giving 2xGlory Keys, not Event Keys.


It is bi-weekly.