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BEST & FASTEST Farming Methods!

What’s THE best & fastest methods for getting gems, souls, gold, keys, and those white coins with the blue heart in the middle? I keep running into folks with maxed out 5star troops and wondering HOW they’re leveling up extremely quick? Also, is there any type of trick to get multiple specific troop to level up instead of keep getting random troops that I’ll never use? I’m on the XBOX ONE and help would be vastly appreciated.

Just play lots of PvP and get into a good guild. The rest will come naturally. The joy is in the journey, not the finish line.

I do play lots of Pvs.P and already have an excellent guild. Do you have the answer to my question on this topic?

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I don’t have an answer since I play on PC/Mobile and am not sure what the differences are between that and Xbox/PS but I recategorized your post into a more specific category so you’ll have a better chance at getting an answer that’s helpful.

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Hourly tributes with maxed kingdom chances; guild tasks.

Hourly tributes, Alchemist/Apothecary/other Merchant troops, PvP with +Gold armor, VIP levels.

Depends on the key.
Gold keys: Hourly tributes with maxed kingdom levels, randomly from matches.
Glory keys: Guild tasks.
Gem keys: Probably Treasure Hunt?
Event keys: Defenses?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Glory? Then ranked PvP.

Not sure if you know this… the only way to get specific troops from somewhere is to wait for an event that you like the troops of and spend event keys on them. It’s not exactly specific but it narrows down the pool immensely.

Also, if you haven’t finished all the Quest lines on all the kingdoms, those will reward a specific epic troop and some unlock a class.

Basically your best shot at materials is to get your tributes up as high as you can by starring your kingdoms. Three stars on all your kingdoms will give you great tributes.

And explore mode is the best way to target traitstones. PVP is the best way to get gold and earn glory for yourself (tributes is where I make the most glory). The best way to get souls is to use The Dragon Soul or Valkyrie based teams for every battle that you do. 40 is the cap per battle before bonuses.

Best way to get keys is through your guild. You can get gold keys more often with looping teams (if I remember correctly) in battle. Can get glory keys from PVP rank tier rewards. Can get some of everything through treasure hunt. Otherwise you just need to donate to your guild and get them.

So, essentially, just work on starring up your kingdoms by doing battles to get souls and explore mode for traitstones (plus make sure you always buy packs with glory for traitstones), donate as much gold to your guild as you can, and play long enough to get all the troops through chests.

Join the best guild possible and stock up at much resources as you can because you will be getting a guild update that caps your resources. You’ll be reduced immensely if you’re in a top guild. Stock up while you can.

Note: I only play on PC but I’m pretty sure everything I said is on console.

I’m on primarily on Xbox, and the tips given above from PC users are right on.

One additional thing to get extra Gems every day:
Do your 4 Daily Tasks in Explore mode while targeting Traitstones you need, or while finishing quest line, or finishing your Kingdom challenge modes for Souls.

Thanks to all, I actually already knew these, I was just wondering if there was a trick/faster way that not many folks know of, like thinking outside the box kinda thing.

  1. Level and Trait the fastest Invade team you can assemble.
  2. Retire from any PvP battle at the slight sign of trouble (I don’t do this)

Sorry, my bad. Forgot that any answer you don’t like isn’t an answer. :disappointed:

Retiring? Wouldn’t I be losing instead of gaining?

Yes, and no. Its about efficiency. In the struggle to win 1 tough battle you could have beat 2-3 other teams.

Look at the top of the leaderboard. Do you think the top players are loosing soo much because of mistakes?

that top guild nerf sounds good, its way too easy to powerlevel. I mean i personally like my own shabby non-donation guild and wouldnt trade it in for a place in a top guild ever no matter how much id gain out of it but ok.

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Posted something about farming certain resources earlier. Depending on your progression, maybe you’ll get some use out of it…

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