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How about some trait love for epics?

Legendfaries got special traits and it makes sense they take a lot of arcane stones and are the rarest troops… but epics are just behind em taking 12 and bein the second rarest. some epics have pretty good traits already like Luther. guys like Dokkalfar can use a lil love though. I’m not sayin they should get unique traits like legends… but maybe mak the 3rd trait an epic trait that falls between normal and legendary in terms of power.

examples would be 60% skull reduction, 4 to all stats if in first postion, 25% chance to dodge skulls, 3 health on 4 or 5 matches.


Dokkalfar needs more love than an overcrowded orphanage


hahaha yes he does they tried to buff him but he is still wtf weak dealing like 2 damage to everyone didn’t help much… he is weird in that he is a summoner than summons a summoner…

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Dokkalfar will instantly be fixed whenever they get around to reworking summoning.

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his traits are also lame… i mean 2 status immunities…

why not give him all status immunities and make them one trait.

You mean the trait: impervious? That already exists?

Doesn’t the fotress gate have that? Would be nice if it was spread over epics.

Tau has impervious

For those that don’t get it, Dokkalfar is the Emo Spider Man.


Currently the only Epics to have Impervious are Tau and Swamplash. 10 troops total have it with 2 at each rarity.

EDIT: My bad, 3 commons and only 1 Rare have it (I got confused due to the ascension of a couple of my troops)


Obligatory spreadsheet link:


I bet I sound like a broken record by now…


No, I say keep giving us the useful links until we’ve all learned how to do it ourselves. :slight_smile:

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I believe she made it so you could get the link by just clicking the chain icon though (won’t check, I’m on my phone :v )

I link your site whenever it’s relevant as well. I refer the competitors in the Series to it for their research.

It is currently the most accurate and up-to-date database we have available, and as such will be treated as the valuable resource it is.


The site should work on mobile too! I’ve put a fair bit of effort in creating a scalable layout. In fact, if it’s not working on a modern phone platform, please let me know (I only have my personal iPhone to test with).

That’s not the reason why I didn’t check, I just don.t like to browse anything but forums or FB with my phone ^^

Your website displays just fine on my phone (I only have to scroll something like 3px horizontally when I’m zoomed out)