Unique Epic Traits

I think it’s time that Epic troops got a decent unique third trait too, for similar reasons to those given in this thread How about some trait love for epics?

(long post ahead!)

EDIT: updated for the helpful balance suggestions below. @Shimrra I agree would be nice to have dual types in as an option too… though in some case having the trait trigger it feels better, such as with Sparkgrinder, who isn’t actually a Construct, but can ‘synchronise’ with them as an ability…

So here are my ideas:

Alastair Soul Steel Reduce all damage taken by 25%
Anointed One Deathblow Deal 50% more attack damage on critical hits
Atlanta The Huntress Her spell deals 50% more damage to Beasts, Monsters and Wildfolk
Avina Blood Seal Enemy troops may not gain Life above their starting Life stat
Aziris Roll The Bones 50% chance to create a skull on the board at the start of your turn
Barbearius Hibernate If he has zero mana, 50% chance to heal to full Life at the start of your turn
Brian The Lucky True Grit If under any harmful status, gain +3 to a random stat each turn
Bul’Tauros Momentum Gain +1 Life each turn
Cthyryzyx Mutation Gain +2 to a random stat whenever it takes damage
Dark Song Karma Deal double attack damage to enemies that use green mana
Dimetraxia Heat Wave Gain +2 mana each turn for each burning enemy
Dokkalfar Zhul Rite Summoned troops enter play with a Barrier
Dragon Cruncher Resistance Reduce damage taken from Dragons and Elementals by 50%
Elf Eater Toughness Reduce damage taken from Elves and Fey by 50%
Elwyn Encourage Whenever he gains mana, give a random ally +1 mana
Emperina Dragonskin Reduce all spell damage taken by 50%
Faunessa Attraction 50% chance to charm an enemy that attacks her (they deal attack damage to the next enemy as well)
Fenrir Bestial Pact Fenrir counts as a Beast, and all ally Beasts gain +2 Attack
Ferit Treachery Deals his attack damage to the last enemy instead of the first
Finley Appraisal When an enemy casts a spell, gain 50 gold.
Ghiralee Fine Tuning Ghiralee counts as a Construct, and all ally Constructs gain +1 Magic
Gob-Chomper Endurance Reduce damage taken from Monsters and Marauders by 50%
Green Seer Creepers 50% chance to entangle a random enemy at the start of your turn
Green Slime Division 10% chance on death to summon two Green Slimes
Herald Of Chaos Despair Deal double attack damage to enemies that use yellow mana
Ice Witch Cold Blood Create a random blue gem on the board at the start of your turn
Ifrit Swelter Create a random red gem on the board at the start of your turn
Keghammer Dauntless Deal double attack damage to enemies that use red mana
Lady Sapphira Vampirism Whenever an enemy loses Life, she gains +1 Life
Luther Reprisal Deal 3 damage to enemies that attack him
Marid Cunning Plan Negate all enemy traits that prevent harmful status effects
Marilith Serpentine Marilith counts as a Marauder, and all Marauders gain +2 Attack
Mercy Providence At the start of battle, two random allies gain a Barrier
Morthani’s Will Fell Armour Prevent all true damage taken by it
Nobend Brothers Never Touched It! 25% chance to explode a random gem at the start of your turn
Ragnagord Revelry Whenever a gem is exploded, gain +1 Life
Raven Vengeance Deal double attack damage to enemies that use brown mana
Rowanne Nourish Whenever you match brown gems, gain +1 Armour
Salamander Wildfire 50% chance to burn a random enemy at the start of your turn
Scarlett Conservation Reduce damage taken from Beasts and Wildfolk by 50%
Sea Troll Stench Any enemy that attacks it suffers -1 to all skill stats
Shadow-Hunter Acrobatics 35% chance to negate any skull attack damage
Skeleros Calamity When an enemy dies, create 3 skulls on the board
Sparkgrinder Synchronise Sparkgrinder counts as a Construct, and all ally Constructs gain +4 Life
Sunweaver For The Tribe Sunweaver counts as a Wildfolk, and all ally Wildfolk gain +1 Magic
Swamplash Undergrowth Create a random green gem on the board at the start of your turn
Sylvasi Cruelty Create a random purple gem on the board at the start of your turn
Tankbot 2000 Self-destruct When it is slain, deal 5 damage to all enemies
Tassarion Erudition Negate all damage from enemy mana burn effects
Tau Bravado Deal double attack damage to enemies that use blue mana
Terraxis Solidify Create a random brown gem on the board at the start of your turn
Tyri Hoodwink At the start of your turn, drain 2 mana from a random enemy to her
Valor Purify Deal double attack damage to enemies that use purple mana
Venbarak Infection 25% chance to disease a random enemy at the start of your turn
Wild Fang Provocation Enemy troops may not gain Attack above their starting Attack stat
Zephyros Gathering Clouds Create a random yellow gem on the board at the start of your turn


@Sirrian I hereby transfer any and all ownership, copyright and intellectual property rights for the ideas in this post to you… just show me where to sign and you can get on with getting these into the game :smiley:

Thoughts anyone?


I like these ideas more than I expected to. Gob-Chomper’s I might reduce to 50%, but that’s a minor quibble. (Edit: same comment applies to similarly-themed traits.)

Venbarak’s seems a bit potent, as well. (Edit: same comment applies to similarly-themed traits.)

Edit again: I see what you did there with Mercy…

been meaning to bump my old thread, was talkin with my guildies about it the other day.

@Sirrian @Nimhain

I edited for a few balance tweaks above

There are a couple that seem redundant with the troops ability, and some that would obviously replace or merge certain existing traits - and I’d rather see dual-typing exist than have it be given as a trait (even part of a trait) to troops who obviously need more help than that (i.e. Fenrir).

But most of these are neat. Couple of nice cyclic types in there… I would totally run 4x Zephyros just to see what happened, for instance.

Some of these still have questionable balance - i.e. Ragnagord’s +1 life for a gem exploding, which gives him a huge amount of life. Sapphira’s is interesting but might be too scary with, say, Venoxia. Or not. Who knows. But some caps might be in order.

I have some thoughts on a few of these suggestions:

We already have a little trouble with Infernal Kings here and there and with the new buff to summoned troops i think this would sometimes get out of hand.

Taking into account that it would reduce basically all true damage to 1 or 2, rounding up, it would be best to just make the troop ignore true damage in the sense that it would work as normal damage, reducing armor before the life.

Seems like a poor addition, maybe if she could steal 1 mana of each enemy as she uses her spell this would give her some more utility at least slowing down the enemies a little and she could refill her spell targeting only four green or purple gems, as long as there are four enemies with at least one mana each.

I like them ideas very much. Just the trait for Tyri sounds poor. 20% chance for a map every turn maybe?:smiley: The rest is just great. Especially Slime’s trait, sounds orgasmic :))

Which Trait would be replaced on each Troop @Jainus ?

True… so make it 10%, or make them come in with 50% to all stats…

Fair point.

Maybe steal two mana points a turn would be better.

All of these ideas could/should be subject to some balance and fine-tuning…

They were also not intended to rival Legendary cards third traits - if they do, that either means toning down or it means the Legendary needs a bit of a buff…

Ideally that’d be subject to a bit more thought and possibly tweaking existing traits; don’t just replace the third trait.

A couple of examples of my way of thinking…

Soul Steel replaces Armoured, as it’s similar and strictly better.

Move the other traits around and replace Wildfolk Slayer (the suggested trait The Huntress is too similar) so she has Air Link, Armour Piercing, The Huntress.

Move the other traits around and replace Grudge (it’s rubbish) so he has Leader, Armoured, Reprisal.

Just had to do this one… Lose Divine Bond, replace Empowered with Fast, and juggle so that she has Blessed, Fast, Providence in that order…

Just replace Arcane, as it’s no use on her anyway.


Saw that one coming a mile away. I would counter-propose that Providence be “If no other allies have mana, gain 6 mana”. I agree with the other changes to the troop.

Neat idea. Some traits seem more legendary than epic, specifically Avina.

Swamplash and green seer should swap.


That fixes one of the redundancies I thought of (entangle on Seer) but having Seer spawn green gems before her spell is used seems a bit much. Maybe.

But…she sees green!

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I’m with @shimrra on that one… can’t do that swap…

…and I think Green Seer was meant to be a Seer who is Green (in woodland spirit, if not in gems colour), rather than a See-er of Green…

Thematically swampy should get the random entangle.

Some of these epic traits are worse than the basic third trait of the respective troops.

Then try to be a bit more helpful and say what you would change!

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Change tyri’s %chance for maps to scale off of magic and let her spell hit skulls too. Boom tyri is now op. 3rd trait can be “map forger” double the number of maps you get from this battle.

I think you and I have different definitions of “OP.”


Fair point! Just glancing over them, some just seemed infinitely more useful than others, to post something helpful i will have to think about it though and come back to it when i come up with something :wink: