Honoring your opponent in PVP

What seems to be the customary practice for awarding honor to your opponent on XBOX One console? It seems in most all the PVP matches I play no one awards honor at the end of a match? I try to award honor to a good opponent even in a loss.

I sometimes throw honor to people who put up Firebomb teams and similar teams that are clearly meant to be easy-to-beat :+1:

I’ve also been known to do the same if I see a team I’ve never encountered before. Appreciate the freshness!

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I think it really varies from player to player.

I usually give most of my honor to low score teams - I figure a lower level player can make the most use of it.


i give my honor to people who helped me,
to people in my guild’s network
to random newbies just to make their day
to PVP players whose team I deemed original and good
depends on my mood…
i play on android server tho

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Thanks for the replies. I am only at level 355 and been playing a couple of months so I am still learning the ropes. I just wondered why nobody gave much honor.

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Keep in mind, honor is limited, we only get 2 each day. People would give a lot if we had more to give.

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Our guild honor trades with each other so I usually don’t have any honor to hand out to random people. If that wasn’t the case, I would only be giving honor to people who have teams that are designed to lose against. Example being an all fire bomb team or treasure troops.

So what is up with teams that are designed to lose? Case in point the all Firebomb team. As soon as they cast on me they explode??

I give it to people who have interesting teams, something creative that I haven’t seen or something that gives me trouble. Never to a meta team.

The honor system is “exploited” anyhow. You shouldn’t be able to ask for it or trade.


People do that to help others get gold faster. It also helps themselves get more Revenge battles

100% this. I do the same when I see a creative team, even if it’s not the strongest…

I only give out honor,if facing a team I´ve never seen before.
If there was a way to give dishonor,it would go to all meta teams…

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