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How does honor work

if you give honor to guildmates you will not get points for or is it better to trade outside your guild ’

i thought you can give honor to anyone and it would help them i know i am probably wrong but just trying to find out

and thankyou

Honor helps no matter who you give it to, but the more cross-pollination there is, the faster you’ll progress.

So, the takeaways:

  1. to help yourself, get as many honors from as many people as possible.

  2. to help others, give one honor (maybe one of each type, for a total of 3) to as many people as possible.



thankyou very much

All honor received helps regardless of the source/frequency, however there are diminishing returns on it.

If I give the same person honor every day, each subsequent honor diminishes in how much it raises that person’s total honor.

Honor from a guildmate in general is worth less than from someone outside of their guild.

More than 1 honor from the same person is worth less than if those multiple honor are from different people.

Helpful > fun > high 5 in general (not 100% certain on order of fun/high 5, but held up is definitely worth more than the other 2)

For max honor gains you need to receive a diversity of honor types from a diverse group of players over a period of time.


Honor works by manipulating it

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