Honor on GoW Community Forums

I don’t know if someone already has a conversation/thread for this. But here’s a nice idea.

I spend more time on GoW community forums (here) than on Global Chat in-game. I had received honors in-game from strangers (players not in my guild) because I was nice to them or they found a tip helpful. I find such situations here too, where I want to show love/respect or just high five a player that I find on this forum. I should be able to give honors to players from GoW Community forums. The invite codes are all linked to our profiles anyway. I suppose it shouldn’t be difficult.

Linking devs only to get their attention to this. Sorry if this feels spammed. That was not the intention though, devs.
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Unfortunately this is not something that we will implement. The forums are a very small percentage of our user-base, and it is a huge amount of infrastructure and work to make something like this viable.

However, I love the idea of finding a way to thank players on the forums. I’ll have a think on something we could do.


I understand that the player presence is not as big here as on the game. There could at least be an option to know someone’s invite code and just honor them - like we do with Game Codes. This could be a feature on the game and/or on a webpage.

What if you could link a forum account to an ingame account, like gowdb does?

Then it would be just a matter of pulling, modifying and pushing back the honour balance for the specific player from the game database.

Actually, if you click a forum user’s avatar twice, it will put you on their profile page, which does list some sort of invite code. No idea if it is the correct one though…

It probably is. But the whole thing could be more streamlined if it would switch to a gowdb interface style.

Plus we can’t search individual players in game for evenually giving honours, so the invite code alone doesn’t cut it (if not stumbling on each other in global chat by mistake lol).

A full gowdb-style linking would pull ones stats from the game itself, including honour, and the system could modify that and push it back, all behind the scenes. A lot easier for everyone that way, without a bunch of clicks, alt-tab’s and so on.

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Valid point. A streamlined interface would be good to have.

They will probably not touch the Forum source code here. It is based on an open source called Discourse. What I alternately wanted was a page like “gamecode.gemsofwar.com” where I could just copy paste someone’s and our’s invite codes and give honor using one or more of the three buttons. Just one honor at a time. This honor shall appear on the tributes of the recipient when they log into the game next time. The sender’s name need not be displayed there.

How about this feature @Saltypatra ?

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