Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


no worries! invite incoming in a sec


Invite sent! do not worry about donating gold to the guild until you have finished leveling your kingdoms!


I see you out there, in your dead guild, come join us! Bring a friend! room for 2!


I would be interested in joining an active guild like this one. My current guild only has about 30% participation.


Hi Crash! invite incoming!


room for one more!



Lvl 131 and climbing, guaranteed to hit 1.5k seals per week




We are all full up, but I could make room for 1 immediately for the right recruit!


I am anticipating a couple of openings tomorrow (Sunday) for homebound 2, Homebound 3 has lots of room still and has immediate openings! Let me know which you would like to join!


Looking for a more active guild.
Lvl 322, getting 1.5k seals every week and some trophy’s. Nearly all kingdoms at 10. 5 to go.


invite incoming soon!


tried inviting, it says you are in another guild, please leave it to join us!


Left guild :wink:


invite sent! please see in game email


I’m a very new player, but interested in a more active guild accepting newbs. Level 42, with 745 seals so far since starting earlier this week. I would very much like to be a part of Homebound 2, but understand if I’m still too green. Invite code is DMANIAC777_TNQ9.



Let me consult the others, we may take you! give me a bit to see if i can get some responses


Thanks. Let me know and I’ll leave my current guild. FWIW, 745 seals toward my current guild. 1145 total.


We will have 1 opening on Monday. I expect to hit 40k seals next week, even if we do not fill this slot. Prefer people with kingdoms done. or at least close to done, 2 statues done this week join us and help us work toward a 3rd!


Hi All!

I’d be interested in Joining … I’m new, level 78, and rising fast.
I finished up my 1500 seals a few days ago, so I’m good there.
And I’m always happy to donate for the team.

I’m loving the game, just looking for the right crew to share it with. :wink:
If you’re interested, and have a slot, my invite code is: Flashfires_1VN4

Thanks a bunch!