Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


sure is! will send invite in a minute!


tried sending invite, says you are in another guild, if you wish to join us, please leave your current guild


it’s done! u can sent the invite again :slight_smile:


Sent! should be showing up in your in game email!


all full for now, but we have a couple of inactive people i expect the GM will boot out by tomorrow


Looking for a more active guild that can complete tasks. There’s two of us, both level 500+ and all kingdoms already at level 10. We can do 1500 seals easily.


Just PMd you :slight_smile:



I think your guild is what I currently need. Right now I only have 6 kingdoms at level 10, so will be unable to donate gold for some time, but I’m active every day.

So here is what I can offer:

  • Hero level 100
  • 1500 seals
  • 100+ trophies
  • Participation in raids, invasions

Will be glad to join you.



I Pm’d you


I like a lot the description of your guild,
and believe it’s exactly what I’m looking for currently.

I’m active enough to contribute the 1500 seals per week,
and generate > 50 trophies per week (and sometimes way more than that).

I’m still upgrading my kingdoms though, I’m a bit stranded on cash.
I guess it’s going to be better as more and more kingdoms reach max level 10.


Hi there! just cleaned house a little, we have 4 spots, invite coming your way shortly. Do not worry about giving gold to the guild till you finish your kingdoms!


it says you are in another guild, please leave it, and i can get you invited!


done, my character is available


Invite sent! please see your in game email


Room for 3 more!


thanks @fishinia !


4 openings, looking for active people! 1k seal minimum, Hopeing to hit 40k seals if we can get some active people.


Come join the fun people!!!


Room for 4, or open to taking over a dying guild to join the homebound family


Hey there,

I’d love to join the guild.

Level 105. doing 1500 seals and 100+ trophies.
Only 2 Kingdoms at 10 though.