Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


If you want to wait, we can get you invited to our discord, and you can chat with us till then?


still interested? Guild leader logged in and kicked a couple people room for 3!


I would love to be added!


Invite sent, please see in game email!


room for 2 more active peeps (not the easter candy, those are probably old by now) join now today!


Hello, my account is new however i am not. I recently got a new phone and lost my old account. I am a very active player. I am working on my kingdoms seeing as this account is only a few days old now. If you will have me you wont be dissapointed. My invite tag is the same as my account says, i look forward to your reply.


invite incoming!


sent see you in game!


Room for one more, i expect a couple more openings soon, looking to fill the guild with active people!


All full for now, but will likely have openings soon, we regularly prune dead weight


Room for 1, looking for daily players!


Do you still have open spot?


we do! 10 char


sent you an invite


Still any open spaces? I’m lower level but play regularly and have gotten 1500 seals every week so far


not immediately, but we should be booting one or two soon. If i can get the GM on


Ok thank you!


We have one immediate opening, and I expect a couple more this weekend. Active people wanted!


Active people can get 1k seals so easy! Join us!


Hi, i’m nearly finished with leveling all my kingdom to level 10 and i’m looking for an active guild but without being too much hardcore…
Seems you’re the perfect fit… i do my 1.5k seals easily each week.

Hope there’s still room for a newbie! :slight_smile: