Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


bump it up


Room for 1 more!


Lvl 1040 looking for casual relaxed guild. I play every day. Invite code BALDRED.


invite sent!


…forget it…sorry


1 opening currently, may open 3 or 4 more soon, depending on what i can talk the current GM into. By active i am looking more for dailyish players. Come join the homebound family of guilds!


Is your guild dead? Come join us! we are rising fast!


Cleared a little dead weight, looking for 3 active people to join our fast rising guild. Daily, or at least most days, players wanted!


Now only room for 2, come join us!


2 more! join the winning team


we need 2 more active, or at least mostly active people!


in need of 2, no req’s! just be active


Cleared another inactive, back to needing 3 people!


I’d be interested.


Invite incoming!


Invite sent Rocci! still need 2 more people!


Please send an invite! I’m definitely interested.


Invite sent, please check in game email, and join our discord that is in the announcement!


I don’t know if you still have room, but I would love to join your guild! I’m only lvl 188, but I login every day trying to grow stronger. My invite is Strider99K2_ZT2M.


Hi there! the guild leader is currently on vacation, so we are unable to kick anybody to make room at the moment. Hopefully she will log in today, or tomorrow to prune 1 or 2 inactive people. If not this week then i think she gets back next weekend. Otherwise we would love to have you!