Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


Still room for 2 more!


cleared some deadwood, room for 5 again!


room for more active people!


still a bit of room


I’m at lvl 154 and I’d like to join your guild, please send an invite to me at HAMOUDA_RZB3
Here’s a screen shot of me at my guild


invite incoming! please leave your current guild!


Invite sent! please check in game email!


ANOTHER flake, Who knew recruiting low rank people was so annoying haha! got lots of good people already, come join us!


Okay lets get some quality people wanting to join! No set requirements, just want people that will be fairly active! We just hit 20k seals! come join us!


Still looking for more! Join us!


Is there still a place?
My invite code is RAMEZ_VHWD


Hi there! We can get you in, I need to summon the guild master to boot someobdy first though, so gimme a little bit!


Hi, I want to join! Is there a free spot?
My account is VENZA79_HU2V



Hi Venza79! we were planning on removing 2 or 3 tomorrow that have done nothing all week, so we will have a spot, if I can get my GM on we could probably get you invited today some time, if not then tomorrow for sure!


invite incoming shortly!


invite sent! please see in game email!


Ramez88, if you are still interested, you will need to leave your current guild before I can invite you!


Sure, I’ve just left my guild, awaiting your invitation… Thanks a lot!


Invite sent! welcome to the guild!


Room for 2! come join our fast growing guild! Need 2 active people!