Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


only a few spots left, should be full soon! It is a holiday weekend, so responses my be a little slow, but someone will get to you!


I’d actually like to get in a more active guild. I hope it isn’t too much of a concern that I am just starting and only lvl 43 so far :3 If not my invite code is SCHATTENSANG_JAX9


@Schattensang that’s no problem at all – we’re a training guild for Homebound and have no requirements at all other than that you play regularly and join our Discord-- you’ll find the invite URL in the announcements post (the blue one) in Guild Chat.

LP :pig:


PS-- Invite sent. :wink:


Almost full!


couple more spots! We should hit 20k seals this week!


I am interested got a +1 invites are


yay! invites coming!


oops, looks like you mass applied! Guess you do not need a guild at this time :slight_smile:

4 spots open!


Me and my bf would like to join. We’re super active! - DORINICA - (including the dashes)



Good morning Dorinica!, if you are still interested you will need to leave your current guild before i can invite you


I’m in. Just started yesterday and can’t get enough - 15h of life wasted so far :smile:


invite sent!


We’re still interested. I can leave the guild now if you send an invite.


yeah, i can send invites now!


I just left my previous guild


invite sent!

Tried sending one to SER BEARDLY WHISKERS but they are still in a guild it seems


still looking for a couple more people!


invite sent!


sent, should have an invite in your in game email!