Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


Starting to fill up! Got room for a few more still!


Shoot, I could use a more active guild. I generally get my 1500 seals/week and I’m working on getting all of my Kingdoms to 10. 10 done so far. 10 Kingdoms down, and of course, most of those seals have already been earned for this week.

Level 235
Invite code: MIOLITH_I9PV


Invite sent! please see your in game email!

Husband & Wife looking for guild together GUILD FOUND

Just a few more spots! get in while you can!


WHO will be the next lucky contestant? :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


With us, you can have pudding, even if you don’t eat your meat!


Looking to join. Please! new account, but prior expierence. will get seals


Invite coming in a sec, my game seems to have hung


invite sent! please check in game email!


I think my guild is dead. I seem to be the only one playing at any frequency :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear that, but it happens… my first guild was the same way and I put up with it too long! :roll_eyes:

HomeBound II is a brand-new guild and very active, in spite of having no requirements.

We’re a training guild for HomeBound, the #55 ranked guild. Members of HomeBound II who want to move up to HomeBound just have to demonstrate that they can do the HB reqs and are reliable and they get first shot at any openings in the parent guild!

Or if you prefer a less-hectic pace, you can stay in HB2. The GM here is a former GM of HomeBound who doesn’t have time right now to play a lot, for example. So it’s a mix of old pros and newbies. :yum:

We also share a Discord with HomeBound and it’s full of good info & helpful people.

Join us! Just leave current guild and send me your invite code if you’re interested…

LP :pig:


Did you get an Invite Darcy? I am not home so I will be unable to invite you, but Lardy can get you in, or I can yell at someone on our discord to get you invited!


I sent Lardy my invite code :slightly_smiling_face:


okay! please ensure you have left your previous guild, I will go shake a stick and get that invite sent :slight_smile:


You poached my recruit! :joy:


And welcome to HomeBound II, Darcy!

You’ll find the Discord Invite URL in the blue ‘announcement’ message in Guild Chat. :grinning:


You still looking?


Looking to leave my guild as no one else completes tasks or reaches citadel in invasions


Hi Marvelly,
I think we were all asleep when your request came in!

If you’re still interested in joining Homebound II, we’d love to have you!

Just send me your invite code and leave your current guild, I’ll be popping in frequently to check for your reply. :yum:

LP :pig:


Join a good group of people! helpful and supportive!