Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


Invite sent! we have a mix of players in the guild, some really new, and some veterans!


I’m now a very proud member of Homebound II and thank you again Fish for having me!!!


Happy to have you in the guild :slight_smile: still need a few more though!


Welcome to Homebound II @Batzany!
LP :pig:


Thank You @Lady but I created this account the day I started playing and Batzany is my Google Play name… My in game name is a Slipknot song: Gematria (Gem) and I’m on discord under Gematria … I meant to sign my post with Gematria, my bad… To anyone looking for an awesome, helpful, and knowledgeable guild - Homebound 2 is your guild!!!


still need more!! come join our gang of scallywags!


Pick me pick me :slight_smile:


Invite incoming! gimme a sec


Invite sent, please check your in game email!


still have room for more active people!!


Will you be number 19??!!


can i get a bump bump


bippity-boppity bump!


That’s my incantation!


still in need! current level range from under 100, and a couple over 1000, No requirements, looking to grow! climbing the rankings fast!


come fly with me


lots of support and help for newer players here.


still looking!


i would be interested but brand new to the game.

NEONBLUE_WGUI is my invite code if you are still looking for people


invite sent! Please join our discord, there is a lot of good info and discussions going on in there for some of our new people!