Homebound family is recruiting! HB1 (30/30), HB2 (30/30), HB3 (28/30) Come and join the fun!

What makes a fun game even better? An awesome guild! Come join Homebound as we climb the ranks. We are a family of 3 guilds welcoming players of all level

Homebound 1

  • rank 47
  • GW bracket 3-4
  • 40k seals
  • 15-20 LT’s weekly (average about 1 mil gold donation each)
  • raid boss and invasion finished every week


  • Level 1k+
  • Participation in all guild events
  • 300k gold (average donation about 1 million)
  • 1500 seals (we want active people)
  • 150 trophies
  • discord (this is where the fun happens!)

Homebound 2

  • Rank 819 and climbing fast
  • 10-15 legendaries weekly
  • 40k seals
  • starting to complete guild events!!


  • Min level 400
  • 100k gold (average donation about 700k)
  • 1200 seals
  • 100 trophies (average 182)
  • participation in all guild events
  • all kingdoms at level 10
  • checking discord

Homebound 3

  • Usually completes 6 or 7 tasks in each statue
  • around 30k seals weekly
  • guild events OPTIONAL
  • inactive removed weekly


  • 1K seals (but push for 1500)

Newer acocunts are welcome if you are really active!
Lots of people still working on getting kingdoms to level 10, so I do not have a trophy or gold requirement.

If you are interested please stop by our discord (https://discord.gg/5aefHjR) or message me to say hi!

Hope to see you soon! :slight_smile:

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Returning after long absence from the game and reporting for duty.
Level 245

Hey Stix! Have you finished your kingdoms? We wanna fit you into the best guild. Feel free to stop by our discord to chat :slight_smile:


I -had- finished all my kingdoms. They’ve added some more during my absense.
I’m having some trouble figuring out discord, how to even chat there, but it seems I found some rules and I need to donate 200k gold/week? No way I can even earn that!

Haha, that’s fine. You can join homebound 3 if you want! Sounds perfect for you :smiley:

we have a spot for you!

Come join us for lots of fun!!

why us?

we want people who would like to help out others - post team suggestions for events, answer questions for all levels of players - new and vet - and encourage input into the direction of our guild.

all levels welcome, come visit!

We have a 2 immediate openings in HB2, and will need 4 more people between HB1 and 2 at the end of the week.
Hop on our discord to join!

It’s not too late, come and join us for guaranteed fun~ :slight_smile:

We’ve got a spot waiting for you!

Come one, come all!

Still open!

It’s Sunday, come and join us for all the rest goodies! :slight_smile:

Last minute bump!

A new week means a new guild, join us!

Join us if you’re in healthcare!

We would love to have you, come see what we offer!

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