Homebound family is recruiting! HB1 (30/30), HB2 (30/30), HB3 (28/30) Come and join the fun!


Hb1 and 3 are full for now, have 3 openings for HB2, either join discord or PM me


Or message me!


Come one, come all! We’ve got a spot for you!


Someone joined, who’s next?!


It’s sunday. That means we got a spot for you!


Monday! join us!


Lalala, come join us for fun~


Tuesday - come join us for coffee talk - and read up on suggested team builds in our discord!


It’s thursday already! Where’d Wednesday go?


Wednesday was scary.


Hi, I would be interested in joining HB3 since I’m a newish player (don’t think I would meet the requirements for HB2) but it seems like you’re full. Let me know if a spot opens up!


Hey! We can make space for you tomorrow when the HB3 GM is awake. Wanna hop on our discord and give us your invite code :slight_smile:


Sure thing!


always welcoming people new or veteran - come talk to us!


Come catch us before the reset for goodies!


HB3 currently has 4 openings. Get 1 quick


A few spots left for low or mid level players. Only requirement is 1000 seals per week. Enjoy the low minimums or work hard and get your kingdoms to level 10 and move to homebound2, then homebound1 which both complete multiple legendary tasks each week


We’ve got spots in HB3!


Spots open again in HB3


Can I get back in HB3?