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:gem_green: Homebound 2 - Fast Growing Relaxed Guild [29/30] Currently Recruiting - Help Us Grow

Hey There!

Homebound 2 is part of the multi guild Homebound. We are a fast growing, friendly and relaxed guild; where everyone is a active daily player. We share the same discord for all 3 guilds meaning there is a wealth of knowledge readily available for anyone who joins. It also means there is plenty of banter to be had :wink:

About The Guild:

  • Level 197/Rank 859
  • 40k Seals weekly
  • All basic tasks and 5-6 LT weekly
  • Average level 850

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1200 Seals
  • 100 Trophies
  • 100k Gold
  • GW/Raid/Invasion. All that we ask is that you give it a shot win or lose.

All members continually exceed these however we understand that thing come up and life becomes a priority which is when the minimum generally come into effect. For this reason we require members to join our Discord server; let us know if you need a break or some help.

We also ask that all players wanting to join be level 400 or above.

Homebound 2 has been breaking records week-over-week. It wasn’t too long ago the idea of completing a LT was out of the question. As was closing the last portal in Invasion, but we did it for the first time last week. We work as a team and it shows.

If you think you’d like to join in the fun and help us grow. Feel free to either reply here or drop me a line.

cittris (GM)


Great guild looking for great people! one immediate opening, another probable this week.join today!

Friendly guild with plenty to offer. Come and see for yourself.

still room!

If you’re looking for a guild but don’t want to leave mid guild wars, that’s ok. Just let us know and we can reserve a spot for you.

Now is your chance to leave your dead end guild! Join us!