Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


if you can wait till tomorrow we will get you in!


Roger that Fishinia! :wink:

I’ve left my current guild & will wait for an invite!
Looking forward to getting some fat loot with y’all.

Thanks, it’s appreciated.


One opening, looking for people with kingdoms done or almost done! Join our Family!


Any free spots left?mature serious player asking :slight_smile:


My invite code is IGORCHE82_9KDP,give me a shot and check out how active i am.


We will have at least 1 opening on Monday, Maybe 2 if a certain person does not get their seals again this week. Looking for active people!


Hi, I’m very active, but not quite advanced enough for another guild I joined for about a minute.
I have 15 of my kingdoms at 10, 1 at 9, 1 at 8, and the rest at 6. I am at level 475 and have been playing every day since I downloaded the game, about 2 months ago.

I have no problem making 1500 seals a week.

If you think I’d be a good fit, my invite code is DIZZYJUSTICE73358_HWDB


Will get you invited asap!


Great! Thank you.


We have one Opening for a highly motivated individual to come join our ranks in HB2. Preferably with kingdoms done if not we may consider you if you can get 1500 seals by tuesday or wednesday.we do have a few opeinings for new accounts or people just starting on their kingdoms in HB3! Come join our family!


still looking for one quality individual!


opening still open!


Hello, still open? Level 315 and have gotten the 1500 seals easily every week.

I only have 3 kingdoms at 10, rest are at 5 but working diligently to get them up one by one.

Thanks for reading.



Still open?
Level 565,all kingdoms at 10.
Will do 1500 seals,GW,Raid and so on…always.


@Jimzah Yep, just waiting for GM to jump on and will organise it - what is your invite code?


@RowdyRoddyDiaper Let me wait till GM is on and then we can check what exactly we need.


Invite code:JIMZAH_NBEG


Invite sent! For Jimzah! Rowdy yours is coming in a mniute


One opening available for immediate filling!


join the fun!