Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


lets get you enrolled in a guild today


Recruiting has been opened a again, looking for a couple of active people!


A nice guild would like to welcome you with open arms!


Join us - we have tons of helpful people!


2 more needed still
join meh


We are collecting people.


would like to join, Ive been looking for an active guild to participate in please


sure we can get you added!


another spot ready to go!


Assuming we can get @andrew1 added, we still have one more spot available!


Have not gotten a response from andrew yet, so i guess we still have two spots open, first come first serve


Come join!


One spot left!


I’d be interested to join if there is still a spot.


yeah, we still got one i believe, will go send invite now


You will need to leave your current guild before i can invite you to ours!


Ok. I’ve left.


Sent! welcome to HB2


We are moving one person from HB2 to HB1 so we still have one more opening now. Looks like we have 2 people that will not make mins this week. So will likely have 2 more openings soon. If anybody else is interested we can make some room for you!


2 people will not make mins, their spots are available!