Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


bumpity bump bump 2 spots.


Low pressure highly active guild! Come get some


Hi there, need a guild? >


Hello! Would love to join you. Active player, always hit 1500 seals a week. All but 5 kingdoms are level 10.


Will give you a shot, invite incoming in a couple minutes, please leave previous guild if you have not


Awesome! Just left, ready to join up.


Great! should be getting invite within the next few minutes…


Room for two high quality people!


Are your kingdoms done? Join us! we will help you grow even more!


I’m interested in joining! The guild I was in was fine but wasn’t being pruned often enough for my tastes.

All Kingdoms at 10, 1500 seals/week no prob for the last few months.


Happy to have you on board! Sending you an invite now.
EDIT: Sent


1 spot still needs to be filled.
Would love to have an active player join our excellent guild!


No! We are not full, we still have one spot just for you!


guess its that time of day to bump a recruitment thread, still need one more.


To the Top!


Hi new very active player with 250+ interested in joining a new active clan to participate in all events.Currently working on getting all kingdons to lvl 10 but consider my 1500 seals each week for granted .Please tell me if there is still some space so i can leave my current one.

Thanks in advance!

Nickname : Skulljr


Thank you for your interest, How many kingdoms do you have left to get to level 10?


looking for people that can get close to or exceed our averages! 2 people!


8 kingdoms to go!


returning player LOGAN_82 would love to join