Homebound II recruiting active people,This thread is no longer in use


Hi Logan! will send and invite your way


reopening recruiting. Room for one active player! Come help us get MORE legendary tasks!


One spot has just been made available!
Come join us.

We get 40k seals weekly, 5-6 LTs and it keep growing week on week.

Looking for someone who is an active daily player with kingdoms done.



How many spots do you have left?

I only started about 3 Weeks ago and am only a little over Level 90.
My Girlfriend has been playing for a while and is level 300+.
Would you have spots for us two?



I’d like to join your guild. I’m a new player for just 1~2 weeks, LV160+, but still leveling my kingdoms.
I am very active and easily get to 1500 seals, and in the pace of 1 day 1 kingdom lv10.
Let me know if I’m qualified. Thanks


@Dieling @MMDaemon we really want people with their kingdoms at level 10 to come to this guild. We do have a guild we like to stick people that are still working on kingdoms. they generally get 6-8 tasks on each statue done every week close to 30k seals. But once you get kingdoms done we can look at moving you up to homebound 2.


Thanks for your reply. How to get into the other guild?
And do they still have enough spots?


Hi there! I help manage HB2 and fish is out right now. But if you give me your invite codes, he will add you both to HB3 when he returns.


Thx but we already joined another guld


Okay. With our three-guild structure we are often moving players around and periodically recruit. So if your guild doesn’t work out let us know if you are interested in switching. Best of luck!


Still looking for one strong player to join us before guild wars starts!