Home Kingdom mana bonus BUG

I Set my home kingdom to karakoth while playing on PS4, but when I play, I get the mana bonuses for the broken spire. I tried setting my home kingdom to broken spire and back to karakoth, but the broken spire mana bonuses still apply instead of the karakoth mana bonuses while I’m playing. Does anyone have some solution to this?

You home kingdom just gives you double tribute payout. To set the mana bonus you need to pick a banner in your team setup.

Don’t the console versions still run on 1.0.6?

Yes, the PS4 and Xbox One versions are running on the 1.0.6 Patch. You’ll have to contact 505 Games Support for help on those platforms.

Mobile/PC are on patch 1.0.7 where home kingdom gives double tribute payout.

PS4/Xbox are on patch 1.0.6 where home kingdom is still how you get mana bonus.

With the new PS4/Xbox players now joining our playerbase, it is a good idea to check which patch the OP is on before responding.