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Maxing Kindom Levels does not give me the bonuses

I just finished Karakoth last night ( Level 10 ) and did not receive the bonus 1 + Magic on my Hero weapon cards. :pensive: I hope all kingdoms gets checked for this issue. Please help me get the bonus magic I’m owed.

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Kingdom bonus raises stats on all troops. Check any of your troops on the overview page and see if it shows +1 magic from kingdoms. If not, then the consoles probably have a glitch with it.

I thought the Kingdom Bonuses was for your hero weapons only. Does it really include the troop cards too? PC & PS4?

I know all my weapon cards are missing the bonus magic from Karakoth.

Kingdom bonuses effect all everything in every battle in PC/Mobile with the only exception of not working in Arena. Consoles could be different, but I am pretty sure they are the same in that regard. Checking the overview screen on troops should determine that when it cycles trough all the things that add up to make their total (level, ascension, kingdom levels, etc.).

Thanks, I notice in my troop list ( Hero Weapons ) on PC Version that the bonuses have increased skills on the cards but, there is no sign of the bonus magic anywhere on the PS4 Version.

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You wouldn’t see the magic bonus in the weapon descriptions - because bonuses are only applied at the team level.

If you have a team that includes your hero, you should be able to select your hero, and see the spell description including the bonus.

I know this is a bit confusing - but sometimes various bonuses are not applied (Arena, for example) so baseline descriptions of cards, weapons, and spells do not always reflect what they will actually do on a specific team. You need to build the team and view it there to have a perfect representation of those things. Which makes sense in the case of bonuses for kingdoms, races, mana, etc. And you could imagine that future banners might give stat bonuses. Traits aren’t even shown there - they are not applied until the start of a battle!

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Dear Mr Strange, I have used my weapon cards in battle last night and my Hero Magic and weapon skill ( Damage or Armor ect ) Has not increased from maxing out Karakoth’s Kingdom Level. Please help me get my magic. Also, why is my Glory way higher in my collection list than my actual current Glory I have? I have noticed some major bugs in the Shop ( Gem Section ) I think I have purchased Daily Gems during a current subscription. I would like this checked out for my within my account. My Hero Name is Virginia. My hero Level is 123 I think. My Invite code remains Crud but, Hopefully It can be changed to Virginia . I don’t care about how you apply the letters or numbers. I don’t want Crud a part of my invite code anymore. Please help me. PS. There could be other bugs in the Kingdom Level bonuses. I think It would be a good idea to check this and other bugs. I cannot even sort my weapons by Rarity.

Can someone tell me if they are having any trouble with there kingdom bonus levels?

We have confirmed that kingdom bonuses (for level 10) are NOT being applied to heroes. They are being applied to troops properly.

We’re looking into a fix.


That issue has been there from Day 1 for consoles? I think I submitted a ticket for that hero bug right after 1.085 hit. It’s a significant issue because I use the Hero as my main Tank but she still has laughably poor attack strength-- she’s gained only +1 attack in 5 months of play.

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Thank you Mr Strange and all who replied to my post. :slight_smile: I hope the weapons can at least be sorted by rarity soon. I hope the shop bugs and other bugs like the Kingdom Level bonuses can be fixed soon.

Hero not getting kingdom bonuses will be fixed in our upcoming patch.

Devs must have been the last to notice heroes don’t get kingdom bonus, because I only rarely see a hero in pvp.

Before the boost heroes got in 1.0.9 on PC/mobile, they were pretty underpowered compared to other troops. Even if the kingdom bonuses were being applied correctly, I couldn’t imagine still using a hero on my team in PVP by the time I had a kingdom at level 10.