Mobile Kingdom skill bonus


Can someone please explain to me how this works? I got my first Kingdom to lvl 10 and it says skill+1 but Im not seeing any bonus. I have it set as my home kingdom. Does this apply to defense team only? Thanks so much.


It helps to state on what platform you’re playing, as there is a significant difference between consoles and other platforms.


My title says mobile =) IOS to be precise, I was unaware the mobile versions were different my apologies


I’m sorry, my bad. :slight_smile: I somehow read ‘mobile kingdom’ instead of ‘mobile: kingdom skill bonus’. And you are not mistaken, the mobile versions are the same as the pc version, but they all differ from the console versions.


The skill bonus has already been applied but does not show up as a green number. Since it applies to all troops it is considered the new standard and is unnecessary to apply the green text.

If you want to be sure, click the ‘Forging’ button on any given troop and check the ‘Skills’ section, and wait for the gray text to say “+# for Kingdom”.


Thank you for the clarification! As a follow up question for a new player is it better to consentrate on lvling 1 kingdom at a time to 10 or level all kingdoms a little at a time?


My personal recommendation is level every boughten kingdom to level 5, then level Karakoth to 10, then all kingdoms to level 6, then focus on leveling the +1 Attack Kingdoms.

You want every kingdom about half way finished to quickly up tribute gain.
Karakoth gives +1 Magic to all troops and is imperative late game.
Level 6 is the highest you can get every kingdom before prices get too steep to manage all at once.
Attack kingdoms include: Forest of Thorns, Grosh-Nak, Pridelands, Wild Plains, & Zhul’Kari.

Good luck!


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for the responses!