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Hitting that midway mark.... the duldroms

I’m about the finish all my quests/kingdoms.

I’ve been soul/trait stone farming for a while now… (to break up the pattern with kingdoms) and I have hit that point in PVP where most of what is being shown to me - includes manitcore, the dragons of doom 4some, the horsemen, or some wicked combo of Mal or Mab that I can’t beat.

I’ve been having a bit of fun trying new things out, but I really don’t want to waste souls getting something to 19th level only to find out it won’t do all that great.

My current team is Archon, Paladin and Templar at 19th and fully traited and legendary (working on Mythic) + Hero (Priest class with Soul Blade —fun!! and level 304)

I’m in a guild, I have my celestial armor…

I’m getting bored… how have others gotten through this phase :slight_smile: - It’s just getting kingdoms to level 10, more gold, getting traits, and troops to whatever…over and over…

I have tried Arena and don’t win… at all

Hey, well done for getting thus far and keep with it :slight_smile:

It gets steadily easier as you unlock stuff. Explore mode is good for easy farming.

Arena is very much do-able, it’s a level playing field (almost). Just a bit of luck on the draw, and practice building teams. There are lv1000+ players who only do arena.

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I too was at this point last year. I had lost interest in the game (before traitstones were added, however long ago that was). I was in a guild but they were super casual and didn’t complete very many tasks (back when there were only 3 repeating tasks). However I had not deleted the app off my tablet, I just… stopped playing for a while.

Fast forward maybe 9 months and I found my self re-loading the game. To my surprise, a lot had changed (traitstones being the major change). This set me back quite a bit but the new challenge of amassing traitstones and upgrading troops kept me going. That was when I had also followed the in-game link to ‘discuss on the forums’ and found this cool website I didn’t know existed.

A few months later we come to present day. I’m in a kick-ass active guild (thanks to the forums actually), accumulating hundreds of keys per week. The forum community is very friendly and accommodating, and lately I’ve found new challenges in either competing in PvP to reach tier 1, using up my hundreds of accumulated treasure maps, or using the “new” explore mode (well it’s still a new thing to me).

So, the main thing I’m trying to say is, for a F2P game, it’s pretty much the best puzzle game out there in terms of how much you can do (certainly compared to one year ago!) and there’s something in there for everyone.

For me, the major motivating factors that keep me going is:

  1. Obtaining literally hundreds of keys at the end of each week due to being in an awesome guild; and
  2. Seeing what interesting changes the devs are going to do with the game from here.

Really? :open_mouth:

I’ve been fighting the same feeling for a few months now @Taisiakat. I found that the grind of the game was getting boring and the meta of facing the same killer teams over and over was taking all the fun out of the game. I am an end game player now and was playing hard each week to amass as much gold and trophies for my guild as I could. I held on because of the proposed guild changes that were still in the future at the time.

I decided to set goals to give me a reason to play. My first goal was getting all my kingdoms to 5 stars since they were all already at level 10. That meant completing my deck so there was soul farming for levels and doing challenges over and over since this was before Explore mode. Once this was done it led me to my next goal of traiting everything in my deck.

I had cut way back on my play time as far as pvp went. Instead of getting more than a thousand trophies each week, it fell way down to 600 and rarely went higher. Once I reached that mark I changed over to Explore mode so I could farm traitstones so I could achieve the goal of traiting my entire deck. At the moment I only have Abynissia left to trait.

My next goal is to try and get my complete deck to mythic level. I have approximately 3 dozen troops to ascend. Problem is that this falls into the control of RNG when using keys or gems for opening chests. All I can do is hope I get the cards I need.

Each time the devs bring out a new kingdom it kind of resets these goals because now I have another kingdom to get to the same point as everything else. This gives me something new to do (kind of). Now that the new guild changes are here and they’ve added the legendary tasks it has given me something to strive for again. For the most part.

I really enjoy match 3 games and this is the best one going in my opinion. I may not like some of the things the devs have done in an attempt to make the game better but I’m still going. I still play. You could try setting similar goals if for nothing else but to give you something to achieve so you feel good about doing the grind, fighting the same teams and doing explores over and over in hopes of getting those stones you might need. I know I felt pretty good when I could finally say “I now have a complete deck”.

Keep playing. Try new teams. Change your playtime up (less / more). Find what you enjoy doing in the game and change your focus to that for a while for a bit of a break. Good luck.


im getting bored if i keep the same pvp team for 3+ weeks

try to make a new team every 2 weeks or so and you should be having more fun =)

dont worry about spending souls on wrong troops - sooner or later you will hit a point where you need them all leveled anyway for the kingdom power, and where you rate souls cheaper then traitstones in that matter

here some fun teams for you:

sylvanimora (traited)
DS (non traited)
banshee (traited link)
venbarak (traited link)

  • abyssmal banner (tactic - go for purple/red and spam ds)
    (this one is really fun fast and effective, sure manticores can still kill it but id say u get more then 50% win ratio against them, really recommend especially that this week you can buy arcane bundles to trait sylva)

humility (traited)
jar (preferably traited)
mab (traited)

  • dragon banner (tactic - go for red and spam jarl/humi)

humility (traited)
ysa (non traited)
DS (non traited)
gard (non traited)

  • dragon banner (tactic - priority mana: humi>ds, priority cast: ysa>gard>humility/ds)

Surely you have maps, time for a change of pace and give those treasure maps a spin.

Agreed. Arena is not a one sided match. True, you can get some crappy drafts, but your opponent has that chance as well. I also use Arena for obtaining souls as I loathe grinding for souls or traitstones. Don’t forget to make sure your doing Arena on Normal mode.

All suggestions above are great ones. As for me, I keep switching what part of the game I’m playing. PVP a couple, Arena run, Maps, and Round Robin as I call it. Round Robin is where I explore each kingdom one each until I have done all 25.

Keep the faith and have fun.

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Ya I have been hording maps… maybe that is what I will go and play for a while. Challenge myself to get to 60 turns.

Thanks for the idea

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I don’t have Mab but I do I think have everything else you suggested… Not traited but have… hmmm

Thanks for the suggestion