PVP vs Explore: How much time in each?

I have a question for everyone, especially you endgame players: How much of your time is spent farming for traitstones or souls in Explore vs time in PVP? Almost 80% of my time is given to PvP and the rest to farming for souls or stones.

It does get boring after a while farming so how do you all deal with the tedium?

In my case i don’t need to farm i got plenty souls and stones for the next 30 years of mythic release, the only problem is i can’t catch them lol

So my daily routine is i do my 5 GW battles then do the daily tasks and then only do pvp to get gold and finish the most legendary task

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I know that you don’t need much souls if you have high VIP level as all troops start at level 15.

But how did you happen to have so much traitstones? You must have farmed for them to have that many at one time or another?

Binge watch netflix while playing explores, with a good explore team ( Princess Els, Bombot, Tesla, Fully traited DK hero with brown weapon).

That is how to amass a lot of stones.

No just been really unlocky with vip chest, won lot of arcane stones that way and before the guild nerf it was worst you could win easy 80 arcanes with 50 vips chest, ressources was unlimited at this time so i openend thousand of chests while it was unlimited and now got truckload of stones

Also when you buy glory troops you getting stones, when new troops is out i buy enough to mythic it so getting lot of stones

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What is this guild nerf you talking about? When did it happen and what changed?

We could do guild task infinitely for some gold in exchange we could get gems

Also the daily individual task could be done over and over, so it was really easy at this time to get lot of gems

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PvP until I hit tier 1 and made enough gold and trophies to pay guild tribute, then not touching it with a ten foot pole until I have to again…

I always start with the daily Tasks in Explore, do a few PvP unless I’m already Rank 1 with my breakfast. I usually don’t have the time in the morning to do GW battles, so I do them at the end of the day. I’ll also work a bit on the Event Stones in Explore after GW.

I only donate 1 Million a week, sometimes 2. So there is no need to grind PvP for gold as I have enough saved to cover a few months if need be. (I suppose if everyone gave 3-5M per week I’d follow suit and grind a bit)

All in all I’m pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Which is why is despise things that interfere with my relaxation (Justice/QMab).

Edit Oh, I’m VIP5. level 1.1k 'ish

At the mo I’m about 80/20 explore/pvp (but thats broadly to do with the ongoing Justice/Mab meta).

Im not really hunting resources anymore - they’re just a nice bi-product - Im mainly experimenting with weird troop combinations, teams that I can use for defence that will be both novel and challenging.

I probably play a good 20-30 (utterly pointless) battles a week against my own defence team as tests.

I suppose, for me, playing with lots of different team combinations relieves the tedium.

I know exactly what you mean.:persevere:

Every week I use the new troops to make a weekly event team to help out with event stones, but not everyone thinks that way.

I know how boring it is to face the same teams again and again and…again. AND none of that 4x nonsense. If you hate fighting those teams, then most people are too.

Early in the week, I focus on PVP to get to tier 1 ASAP. I generally clear my GW battles first, then clear daily tasks. Depending on the tasks and the teams I make, I will do PVP if I can, or explore if I can’t reliably win in PVP. If I’m going to keep playing after that, I’ll usually do whatever will get me some event points, whether that’s PVP, explore or whatever. Outside of that, I’ll do whatever feels fun - PVP if I want some challenge/gold, or explore if I want something easy or am focusing on traitstones.