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Burning out of the game

I am hitting the burn out wall, which means that i will not be able to trait my sorc or my necro. This does not mean i dislike the game but that i have actually played it till i was sick with it. With the pvp update and having a good team to attack with, and i decent amount of maps coming in, i have prolonged my burn out by bouncing between pvp, maps, and arena but i may not make it to the the next major update. The biggest problem i am having is with these weeks where there are more than two troops released in one week. Sure if it was a weapon then i would probably be less effected but i doubt it. I even put up a weak team on defence just to pad my loses to gain glory so i would not need to pvp as much. I might just burn out completely and i am worried about that. If only i knew how those at the top were doing it while maintaining interest.

Making in-game friends will help.
Or invite RL friends to play with you.

Already done on both of those.

There really should be easier ways to farm glory and trait characters. I’d imagine the tipping point of effort required vs. interest is coming for a lot of people

As I’m on console I’m looking forward on opening all chests once the more interesting characters are released. Not sure after that

Casual live matches with friends/random erst would help at times of monotony. Chat/mic during play included

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I can fully agree with that. Having friends to talk with, while playing Gems of War distracts from the monotony very well.

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I’m pretty far from the top, but I’m also nowhere near hurting for Glory these days. I’d recommend collecting income more if you don’t already collect as much as possible, and skipping over packs you don’t need. With full level 10 and some of them three star, you get a ton of weekly glory by logging in (or tabbing to the window) and clicking. Don’t buy more than a few 300 glory traitstones more than a few unless you really want to trait that next thing or are well into that next mark. Don’t grind for the unattainable - this is way more a game of patience than grinding - snatching up things at the right time is way more time effective than just trying to push through.

Personally, I don’t think this game does particularly well with very long sits, if you insist on a high daily play time, don’t “grind” for more than an hour (when you do, I’d recommend going for souls, gold if you havent finished leveling Kingdoms), instead switch up your teams in addition to the modes you play. There are a lot of fun team combinations out there being largely ignored for the “best” troops. If you want to focus on progression, focus on getting as many kingdoms to three star as you can and as as cheaply as possible. For 9 and 10 troop kingdoms, this is often nothing more than some soul grinding and using a few spare low rarity traitstones. Save five star for later unless you can get them cheaply, this can be a huge wall if you try to do it too soon. Having a bunch of free resources weekly frees up your time to do whatever you want.

EDIT: I should also add that a big part of me not burning out is choosing not to participate in the “competitive” leaderboard ladder. Other than collecting tributes, the maximum reward to effort ratio is reached at about two maybe three hours in to each week. Push beyond that and your return on investment plummets like a rock. If you are burning out during that three hours a week, you are probably in trouble, but if not, you can safely pull back and collect tributes until you feel like playing again.


@killerman3333 Any stream coming soon? :slight_smile:

Agrees with @Mithran
I’m level 1000, and I don’t really feel any burn out anytime soon.
I only play about 1-2 hours a day, and I avoid any of those compulsive competitive events.
To me, this is just a leisure game, and I only play it at my leisure.


I sometimes go entire days without playing a match, but still login hourly to collect resources and even sometimes chat.

When I do play, it’s never longer than a couple hours, except on reset days, gotta get that 16 daily Glory!

Being in an active guild, along with multiple 3-star kingdoms has kept my earnings high even when my playtime’s low. I pace and plan out Souls and Traits allocation for the best method of starring my kingdoms, this is actually part of the fun for me, setting goal posts for myself to achieve and figuring out “What’s next?”

I remember @MrSammy had taken a break before 1.0.7 came out from a similar burnout problem. I strongly recommend anyone take a break from the game if they’re sickened to continue. Until you’re eager to play again - or at the latest - the next patch release.

Don’t concern your self with “What am I missing out on?!” Because simply put the answer is nothing! That’s what’s so great about this game, anything you “missed” is always available again, even if albeit not as easily. (Not including weapons, who knows if they’ll be free (for in-game currency) again.)

Short Version: Take a break, relax, don’t worry about every little thing, or only play just enough to login every week. Burning yourself out is worse than a short vacation.


Ya, might be gems or might not be. I have not decided yet. Monday at 2pm est i think is when i will do the stream. I will try for at least a 2 hour stream but i will be lucky to last 30 minutes at this rate.[quote=“Zelfore, post:9, topic:8848”]
Take a break, relax, don’t worry about every little thing, or only play just enough to login every week. Burning yourself out is worse than a short vacation.

This is what i have been doing this week. My play time has dropped from 8- 16 hours non-continuous play to about 10 or 20 minutes of continuous play. Just enough to get daily rewards a battle in and a bit of leveling tops. I think i will explain in stream what i will do with this game if i burn out on this game cause this has happened before.

The key for me is avoiding the rank rewards on PvP. So long as I continue to play as I did before and enjoy the improved tier rewards, I’m good.

I will say that I’ve slowed down since getting all kingdoms to 10 since it was such a clear and achievable goal. Currently working on the stars, and trying to focus on 1 gold star across all, but it can be daunting at times. That said, I think those sorts of incremental goals really help.


After that first frenzied week of 2.0, I became worried I might burn out too. Since then, I’ve fallen into a rhythm of heavier play / leaderboard pushing every other week. I also started changing my main offensive team every Monday. I fell into these patterns on accident, but they’ve been keeping the game fresh for me.

I ended up basically never playing this game from around August to November last year. It is good take a break from it.

The main thing that keeps me interested in this game these days is to make videos for it, and soon streaming too. :slight_smile:


Somedays i don’t play a single match more likely because i’m tired from work than being “sick” of the game. I do play others games, talk with friends and do other stuff to keep my mind busy and eventually i’m eager to play again. To me there is so much to achieve, and so my interest is always high.

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I want to slow down but it seems the devs have other plans about the future of the game which might hinder that. I can not feign ignorance about next week’s troops, as it was spoiled well in advance. Thankfully it is not the trait stones i need to my knowledge but i will check just in case. The stream will happen tomorrow at 2pm est on twitch. Guess i can not get complacent about burning out and i guess i need to resort to shadow play for this game. By the time i am done with the show it should be around the time the kids get out of school.

+1 to this post.

The TLDR version is just “play less”.

I did take a break about a year ago. I’d reach maximum level and collected everything back then.
I could not justify the 60+ hours I used to spend on the game.

However, like any burnout, I never came back as strong… I’ve never been able to climb to the top as I use to.
I’m also on the brink of a second break. I left Match Masters a few days ago and diminished my playing hours.
Most troops and kingdoms are maxed…

That being said, GoW is probably the game I played the most in my life… Close seconds has to be Master of Orion 2 and Civilisation.


What a coincidence, we have one spot in our guild. Maybe a new guild would give you a breath of fresh air! Rank 54 and would love your assistance and experience.

My assumption is you are not looking for a new guild so my reply is sort of joking but sort of not.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the stream will start in 1 hour at https://www.twitch.tv/pc_apocalypse

I’d like to echo a what a lot of the players have said above. I did the competitive PvP thing once, made it into the top 100 and felt like I might burn out if I tried to do it again. I also got stuck in a rut constantly farming souls with Valkyrie to try and max out kingdoms faster, always using the same team (Treant/Alchemist/Valkyrie/Banshee before 2.0, then Great Maw/Mercy/Bone Dragon/Valkyrie) as they tended to net the most souls/gold/maps while providing fairly easy, fast wins. Now that there’s a lower soul cap on PvP, it was important to be efficient. But it’s been getting old fast. Lately I started experimenting with new teams and troops again, and though it means no extra souls, it’s been a lot more fun.

For instance, I’ve been using Alastair/Anubite Warrior/Rowanne/Paladin - tried to toss in Settite warrior and the hero as a necromancer for souls, but it didn’t gel. Also running a Jarl Firemantle/Terraxis/Infernal King/Sheggra set. Lots of fun smashing and buring :slight_smile:

For the rest, I just log in, pick up, log out.
Disenchanting extra Mythics is a chore, but otherwise it’s gotten fun again. I go back to soul farming with Maw and Valk once in a while, and it’s ok. Mostly, as I’m in a very active guild, we churn out a lot of glory keys and gems, so plenty of extra cards to disenchant for souls.

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