So what now ? (After all Quests, Challenges completed)


I am Level 120+ now. Finished every Quest and every Challenge.

What do you do now ?

Just Arena, Maps and PVP ?

Somehow it seems very boring to just do one pvp match after another.

How exactly do you farm to level your Kingdoms ?

Where to best farm Stones, Gold ?

Best way to get Gold is PVP, hands down. Traitstones show up in PVP but its relatively unpredictable - challenge farming (read: grinding) is the more reliable way to aim for specific traitstones.

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Also join a good guild. Gems and keys from task rewards really help drive the game

In 2.0 PvP will be expanded to the point that progressing in it will be more enjoyable. Then in 2.1 guilds will have a lot more to do like guild vs guild that will completely open up late game possibilities. And while there is no indication of it, I would assume another mini-game would be in by 2.2 or 2.3.

Things you can do now for maxing kingdoms is grinding. The best way to get each of the following in the current version of 1.0.9 are listed below:

Gold = PvP
Glory = Maps
Maps = Tyri farming in challenges
Gems = Guild tasks
Souls = Arena
Exp = 2-4 max traited Dust Devils in challenges
Traitstones = Maps or 2-4 DD in challenges
Trophies = Arena, the glitch that causes class magic to currently work in Arena makes matches extremely quick


That is a very neet rundown.

The Souls reward from Arena is junk now though. I can easily do 10+ matches with Valkyrie on Challenges, netting well over 800 Souls, in the time it takes to (possibly) clear an Arena run, which will net you less than half of that…

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I play on XBOX1, so for the moment I should mainly do PVP for Gold to “Raise Kingdom Levels” I guess.
And some Challenges for the Traitstones to upgrade the troops I use.

The PS4 and XBox version must still have the nerfed Arena. The base reward for an 8 win Arena run in V 1.0.9 is 500, so every Arena run is well over 1,000 souls. There is also a glitch with it right now that allows class magic to give up to +5 magic to weapons. Every full AoE weapon can team wipe in 2 casts.


Yeah we don’t get 500 Souls and we don’t have Hero classes to exploit the Arena. We have to do Arena the “real” way with crap rewards for the time spent. However we get Personal Tasks to clear 7 or 8 wins in Arena, so Arena runs have to be done. Otherwise I wouldn’t touch the mode at all.