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Highway to Hell

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/highway-to-hell/
Hit the Road…

New Troop: Hellcat

It seems the appearance of the Hellcat is a sign that dire times are upon the world of Krystara.
An ancient scroll, written by the Dwarven Augur, Varakh Enkman, has been discovered by scholars of the Leonis Empire, and hints that there may be, quote: “a disaster of biblical proportions”.
The triggers for this seem to be many, including: “Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.” and “Rivers and seas boiling.”
Both of these phenomena occur in the Blighted Lands, but not much heed was given to the final line, until the Hellcats were recently seen travelling amongst groups of Hellhounds, and the prophesy’s reference to “Cats and dogs living together” finally made sense…

New Troop: Creeper

As if the Hellcats, with their control over the elements of fire, didn’t make the Blighted Lands dangerous enough, Creepers seem to have also crawled from some dark fiery caverns. These insectoid monsters carry terrible diseases, and should be avoided at all costs.

Chest Changes The following troops are have been added to chests: * Morthani's Will * Wraith * Spirit Fox * Dragon Cruncher * Mad Prophet * Anubite Warrior * Settite Warrior

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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You forgot to set the category to Official News.

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Look like shegra found a new friend

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@Sirrian: I saw what you did there, Dr. Venkman.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice another +1 magic in blighted lands :slight_smile:

Hellcat would fit perfectly into one of my teams, if only he was blue/green

There is always a delay between these posts and changing the heading to Official News. I think it’s a problem with Discourse, or a wonky interaction between the forums and some other social media account.

Troop stats can be found here:



:newspaper: Something’s rising from the fiery depths! It’s the Weekly Feedback Report! :fire::volcano::fire:

:notes: Feline, Hell-feline! :notes:
This kitty doesn’t just have claws, it’s all claws! The Hellcat likes to play with fire, a lot considering any gem it touches begins burning brighter than a sick Ragnagord’s nose. It can also sink it’s burning claws into your skin if given the chance.

That’s not all that’s crawling out of hell this week!
Despite it’s similar name, this is no walking green innuendo. Creeper’s are highly bacterial centipedes that don’t like to be impeded. This arcade classic can disease you with touch alone, so be sure to call a holy exterminator when faced with an infestation of infectious insects! :space_invader:

Nothing too plain with this week’s tag-along gifts, it’s Arcane Plains and Arcane Rage this time!
Start the week off hot with the fire lord himself, Infernal King! Follow it up with some hunka-hunka burning passion, give the Imp of Love some love! If troops don’t set you ablaze, consider the Warlord for a raging good time. Finally, if you’re on a budget and can’t handle all this heat, Herdmaster will rock the kitchen in your stead.

:newspaper2: The puns are too hot! I think it’s time we cool down a bit, yeah? :ocean::sweat_drops::droplet:

#Match you next time!


Hmm, some end-times prophesying going on here, eh? Will Apocalypse get its own kingdom? Hmmmm!

Reread it carefully along with @RiverSong’s comment.

It’s from the original Ghostbusters.

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Cool… Only brown colour-changer to go…


Sirrian forgot to add this video to his post, so I add it here.


Red/Yellow banner

Super-strong skull-damage team.


RIP Banshee


i guess i can keep using my serpent even though hellcat exists.

I wouldn’t go that far. Banshee does a ton of damage to a target of your choice; Hellcat does significantly less damage to a random target.

Banshee only gets a boost from blues, so subsequent casts will do less damage and have less chance of an extra turn. Hellcat does consistent damage, and has a high chance of extra turn every cast.

Sheggra teams won’t care about the damage, and board control teams will care more about the extra turn.


I agree. I think this new troop wholly obsoletes Banshee.


Banshee still has a use as it has a high damage, targetable Spell. And it’s looping team with Jarl, Serpent and Valkyrie is still dangerous as all hell.

Hellcat almost relies on Alchemist to loop.

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