Hell 'n Hunt

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New Raid Boss Troop: Lucifria Lucifria will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Ultra-Rare Troop: Gate of Souls The Gate of Souls will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests,…

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High quality art we got ther…
Sees the weapon.


They even threw in the gold elite upgrade icon to distract us lol.

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And everyone wonders why I was enraged that the majority voted the community weapon be made as a Blighted Lands Daemon Scythe. They’re as common as gold.


I see what you did there with the title. :rofl:

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Blighted Lands as a Kingdom actually kinda pisses me off.

  1. One of the last Kingdoms to reach past KP 10 despite not being a “new” kingdom.

  2. A bunch of generation for Red and Purple
    Doom of Flame
    Twisted Hero
    Infernal King

Twisted Hero

…but there isn’t a single troop in the kingdom worth using for that Red or Purple. What, Dark Monolith? yawn. Abynissia? Venbarak? ’

  1. Has a hero class that could be decent, but summons a useless horse that creates red gems as a 3rd trait which makes the class have no appeal for use. Mediocre as a front line, a back line, or as a summoner (thief/orbweaver are way better)

Frustrating is an understatement.


The Gate of Souls seems bugged, the life drain does not get boosted by souls.

Yes, no extra life drain, even with 160 souls. It does boost the armor gain though.

Its also not cursing

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I am a fan of this art.

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Me too. The troop art looks good too but the Gate of Souls really knocked it out. Amazing from a creative design way and by execution.

Well this is a fine mess.

Gate of Souls (particularly the described version with curse, not the nerfed mess that people have been reporting) gives me a very Lyriath vibe - a pile of interesting individual pieces that will take too much work to actually deploy.

Troops that scale on souls really need to either generate souls themselves or have the Necromancy trait to be worth it IMO. It could be used with Queen of Sin to get an impervious Stoneskin tank up front, but that directly conflicts with a strength of hers - making Wrath less of a crazy risk as a first-slot troop.

I’ve never understood why the dev make these ‘kingdom weapons’ that do not match the class requirement for color!

Seriously - if you’re going to make a class weapon color to get bonuses - PLEASE make the freaking weapon for the team - also so you can get the bonus for having your hero of the same kingdom as the rest of the troops.

SIGH… Yet another worthless weapon.


Players experiencing Gate of Souls problems, what platform are you on?

PS, could you please make a bug report?

The bug report is here


a yawn class - so boring

Blighted lands power kingdom lvl 12 show 3 glory income in the kingdom info menu but when collecting a tribute from Blighted lands, it show 4 glory income on this tribute info. (Xbox version with Blighted lands at lvl 12 power)

Did anyone ask @Saltypatra about this during the stream?