Bat Out of Hell

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New Epic Troop: Sanguinia

Sanguinia will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Epic for 300? Change or typo …

Only 1 troop? No weapon?

Devs being lazy again.

Not one week goes by without them ****ing up. They don’t care anymore though, too busy drinking coffee and not actually playing the game they develop. Sad times :frowning_face:

These posts are released automatically on a timer. Its probably a typo, not sacrilege.

The question is whether its meant to be 400 or meant to be an Ultra. I’m betting on 400.

Aaand… its a Bounty weekend, there’s another troop coming.


On October 30, 2017, Ghulvania became the first the kingdom to reach 9 stars of power, with a triple unit release (Bat Swarm, Nosferatu, Umberwolf).

On May 20, 2019, with the release of Sanguinia, FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN days (over a year and half) later, Ghulvania will finally reach 10 stars of power.

That is a record that is all-but-guaranteed to never be beaten by another kingdom ever again. I’d love to hear the story on what happened here on the next dev Q&A stream.

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That’s my bad team, just went and changed it. :slight_smile:

I know but we been used to get a new weapon during TOD this is why i am surprise

We should get the offensive purple doomed weapon tomorrow according to taran. They probably forgot to mention it.

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Btw if i had to describe the GOT finale in one word, i would say “disappointing”

This is what happen when you compact 10 episodes in 8. It’s sad cause it was a very nice serie untill the last season.

NO SPOILERS. PLEASE NO. Why would you do this to me @Rickygervais?

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To be fair i didin’t spoil anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever a popular series ends. Half are going to like it, half aren’t.
Usually the seasons are 10 hours of content.
Season 8 still has to be close close to 10 hours if not more.
I’m good with the ending. 🤷

I saw someone tweet something like:

Game of Thrones has made tons of normies finally understand what happens when the anime gets ahead of the manga.

And everything about the reactions suddenly seems so familiar.

Also this is what happens when there’s no troop lore: it takes less than 10 posts for the players to get bored with the new troop and start talking about anything else. The only lore I’ve got goes something like:

“Oh boy, a vampire seductress in a one-piece! I’m pretty sure there’s no way this date’s going to end poorly for me! I bet she’ll be all over me when she sees my Champion of Anu posters.”

Wasnt also ToD “news” supposed to be on that one?

Well, nm and seen i cba to go look for the old heroisk thread, cool story the “we made in a way so you get a heroism every 5 floors”, Floor 26 and 1 heroism so far (past tod we got a bunch but seen previous 3 tod’s we didnt had any before 25 guess was just a coincidence).

Maybe as next News tell us you lot, with your new Improved Cheat Detector Satellite, also ban whales to complete the Fairy Tale’s serie.

Ps: not that heroism are anymore needed but is just osom see how everything we can read is utterly bs.

When she sees my enchanted Anu’s staff…

Unrelated theme, can i trade my surplus of Atlanta copys, lets say 2 major orbs of ascension per extra copy?

I feel like there’s some kind of joke or reference here but it’s whooshing over my head.

…she grips it firmly at the tip. Power surges through her hands as she…

… casts Warp Wood.

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