Bat Out of Hell

ORBS! 10 char

I can only stare in shock as Anu’s Staff turns into the Writhing Rod.


“Like, it was getting on my nerves,” she smiles, revealing her dangerous fangs, “and we’ve had a thing against that weapon for like, seven centuries or something?”

“Oh.” I stare at the staff, disappointed.

“Wow man, bummer, you’re like, totally ruining the mood? You can like, still do a lot of things with warped wood.”


She moans.

“You look like a sad puppy! One time I was out with my bestie Ciara and we were like, going to get some essence of griffon for the Festival of the Twig and Berries but like, we passed by a food cart and they had these little blinis with pepperoni on them and I didn’t want to stop but you know Ciara, she’s a total hog, so we had to stop but then I didn’t have my wallet and I had to like, borrow some gold from a passing centaur? I was SO. EMBARRASSED. Are you like, even paying attention?”

I sigh.

With a groan, she places her claws on my cheek. I feel them digging into my flesh, threatening to pierce the skin and draw out the life-giving blood within.

“Like, whatever, Demon Downer, I know what you need?”

She draws closer.

Disclaimer: i have no ties with this Ciara above and should not be confused with.