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CONSOLE: Highway to Hell

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-highway-to-hell/
Hit the Road…

New Troop: Hellcat

It seems the appearance of the Hellcat is a sign that dire times are upon the world of Krystara.
An ancient scroll, written by the Dwarven Augur, Varakh Enkman, has been discovered by scholars of the Leonis Empire, and hints that there may be, quote: “a disaster of biblical proportions”.
The triggers for this seem to be many, including: “Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.” and “Rivers and seas boiling.”
Both of these phenomena occur in the Blighted Lands, but not much heed was given to the final line, until the Hellcats were recently seen travelling amongst groups of Hellhounds, and the prophesy’s reference to “Cats and dogs living together” finally made sense…

New Troop: Creeper

As if the Hellcats, with their control over the elements of fire, didn’t make the Blighted Lands dangerous enough, Creepers seem to have also crawled from some dark fiery caverns. These insectoid monsters carry terrible diseases, and should be avoided at all costs.

Bonus Event Troops The following troops will also be available for Glory this week: - Nobend Brothers - Marilith

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Nice, the Red Mana transformer.

Lavas and Bloods two at a time will be nice to finish off some Traits

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Marileth is an excellent troop, well worth getting! Mana collection + true dmg is a nice combo. I had her in my all-daemon team for quite a long time.


Will the two troops in glory bundles released this week that are currently not in chests be added to chests this week?

Are the other two mythics now droppable?

Is the “Show all” feature with troops now functioning? Why was Naga Queen added to that view a couple days ago if she was not being released this week?


Mono red traitstone up for glory purchase as well. Been have a slow time with mono purple, been at it for awhile only obtained 4 after almost a week.

Oh, btw, since you guys haven’t had Lava Arcanes in a long time (if at all… I didn’t look right back to the start), we’ve lowered the Glory price of the Nobend Brothers with the Lava Arcanes from 350 to 300, to make it a little easier to get some.


Very nice, now can you tease us what will be the compensation package or it is too soon? :slight_smile:

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Hey Guys,

We’ve noticed that Ferit is appearing in the Blighted Land Kingdom Bundle in the shop. We’re working to fix it at the moment.


Quick update: We have a fix ready to go, but we need the guys in the office to get the fix out.

So it won’t be out until tomorrow.


I’m not seeing any troop bundles in the store, Ferit or otherwise…

edit: Restarted my game and they are showing up.

Oh, Fel’Dras bundle is a purchaseable bundle…I also don’t see that mentioned as a released troop. Can anyone confirm that is available in chests now?


But I already have nobend at mythic :frowning:

I believe he is only there as a gesture for those who need the arcanes. Have you 21 ready for War?

War is literally magunda cheeks.

Im in a meeting at work right now. I shall return, and there will be corned beef curtains!

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